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Here is Bryson’s letter: Dear Bryson

11 year old Bryson Black from Ballymena took part in our Monday Motivation Creative Writing Project.  The project was to write a letter or a poem to your future self about your experiences during the coronavirus lockdown.
Bryson who has been supported through our Young Shoulders Programme for young people who have a parent diagnosed with cancer has written a letter to his 17 year old self about life during the new normal.  Whilst this has been a time of increased uncertainty and isolation.

Bryson’s letter is a reminder that it has also been a time for family

community and creating memories.
Here is Bryson’s letter: Dear Bryson,     I am writing to you on the 23rd of May 2020 during lockdown.
I think by now you are training to be a chef because you are good at cooking and you learned a lot of new meals that you can cook while in lockdown.
Your mum taught you how to prepare lunch/dinner and to chop and peel vegetables.
She also taught you how to do meals with dairy, the dairy-free way.  I liked cooking with her.
I loved bonding when we cook and finding out what I want to be when I grow up.  Some of the dishes people liked and some they did not like.

Bryson & his family Remember the BBQs when John put on too much fire liquid

It was so funny because he said that he nearly burned his eyebrows off, but then we found out that the charcoal did not light so good.
He said he will put on more fire liquid and it did the same but eventually he got it lit.  Remember the time when you beat everyone at monopoly, even John.
You might be a bicycle mechanic because you fixed your brothers red bike, then you fixed your own one, though you found out that it is too small, so you asked if you could have your brother’s and  found that he had broken it.
Maybe you are a Twitch, streamer on C.O.D or maybe on war zone or Fortnite you love that game and remember you nearly won the cash cup, but you lost because you had no ammo.
Are you on your phone as much as you used to be.
You spent a lot of time on the phone watching Netflix and YouTube.  John and mum give you such a hard time for it – “You should be outside or doing something that uses your mind.

Not watching other kids playing PS games on YouTube” they would say

Although I suspect you left school at 16 years old and went to tech or took up an apprenticeship in cooking.
You hate school, hate your mother making you do Google classroom in the kitchen while she teachers your younger sister and lets Alisha work in her room.
She says you won’t do the work in your room, not being watched, or will do it as quick as you can.
To be fair you have tried it even though you are in the kitchen and it has not gone down well with teachers or your mum.

I hope the extra work helps with your GCSE

Whatever way your life path went I hope you/I enjoy what you are doing and there are no regrets.

Don’t listen to mum and John about going outside and do what you want legally

Yourself from 6 years ago, Bryson Black.
Supporting Young People We understand that children and young people diagnosed with cancer, their siblings and young people who have a parent with cancer, are struggling during the coronavirus lockdown and need our support.  Cancer Fund for Children is continuing to accept referrals for support and to provide individual and group support online, by phone and by video.
If you would like to find out more about how we can support you please contact our Community Services Team e: [email protected] or t: 028 9080 5599.
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