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Then our tour begins to go beyond Lhasa

Tibet highlight tour is a complete tour in Tibet, .

Which highlights most of the landmarks of Lhasa and important places around Lhasa

However, .

The Tibet Highlight Tour begins exploring the major monuments of the Tibetan Capital

In Lhasa, our Tibet Highlight Tour comprises a visit to historic monuments like vibrant Barkhor Square, the majestic Potala Palace, and scared monasteries like Deprung, Sera Ganden, and Norbulingka.
Then our tour begins to go beyond Lhasa.

We explore beautifully located sacred Namtso Lake

which has a very huge religious significance in Tibet after Mansarovar Lake.
We also take an opportunity to explore the first monastery in Tibet, Samye Monastery.
The final part of the Tibet Highlight Tour drives across Friendship Highway to explore the Tibetan cities and the major landmarks within them.

We explore the cities like Gyantse and Shigatse via Karo La Pass

which caters to the exceedingly beautiful view of Yam Drok Tso Lake.
In Gyantse, .

Our tour takes us to 14th century Gyantse Dzong and revered Kumbum Monastery

Similarly, .

Shigatse prides on Tshilumpo Monastery
The final highlight of the tour is the Everest Base Camp of the Tibetan side

We will also explore the highest altitude monastery of the world, .

The Rongbuk Monastery while exploring Everest Base Camp

Book Tibet Highlight Tour and make sure you will explore all the major highlights of Tibet, the country known for mysticism and Buddhism.

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