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and launched Futurecraft 3D Runner

Adidas unveils Futurecraft 4D.
Adidas unveils Futurecraft 4D.
By                                                                                                                                                 Adidas’s unveils Futurecraft 4D, the world’s first high-performance footwear featuring midsoles crafted with light and oxygen using Digital Light Synthesis, a technology pioneered by Carbon.
Futurecraft 4D is a fruition of adidas Futurecraft – the brand’s journey to define the future of craftsmanship through exploring new technology, design and collaboration in order to provide the best for each athlete.

Futurecraft 4D is adidas’s first application of the Digital Light Synthesis

and represents the brand’s step into athlete-data driven design and manufacturing.

Digital Light Synthesis was created by Carbon

a Silicon Valley-based tech company working to revolutionise product creation through hardware, software, and molecular science.
This new take on manufacturing enables adidas designers, sports scientists and engineers to bring even the most intricate designs of their imagination into physical reality.
Through Futurecraft, adidas has started exploring additive manufacturing as a tool to change the way products are created in 2014, and launched Futurecraft 3D Runner, the brand’s first 3D printed performance footwear.
Digital Light Synthesis.
Futurecraft 4D.
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The QUIKRETE® Companies and the U

Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)entered a cooperative research and development agreement to design next-generation concrete for use in the production of large-scale structures through a 3D printing process.

Research centres from all Catalonia gathered for the kick-off meeting of BASE3D

a company consortium that will enhance R&D in the emerging field of 3D printing.
Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) is an important medical isotope used to help radiologists detect heart disease, bone decay and some types of hard-to-find cancers.
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the electronic paths on an insulated surface that help power appliances such as smartphones, biomedical devices, and other electronic technologies.

Fonon Corporation declares the acquisition of FTL

LLC supporting the company’s ‘2015 Reorganization Plan’ transitioning from a development stage to a sustainable growth stage company.

Researchers created microreactor for MS analysis

01/05/2017                                                                             Dr Gianmario Scotti, from the Faculty of Pharmacy, has found polypropylene on eBay, and bought a couple of rolls of filament.
And after just a handful of developmental phases, the researchers created a microreactor that can be used for mass spectrometry analysis.

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