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What’s Included in Your IES AuraCloud 3D Basic?

AuraCloud 3D Basic                                                                                                                                                       AuraCloud 3D Basic Price & Info.
The IES AuraCloud isn’t just any camera: it’s a device replete with tools to suss out aura energy readings via visual representation.
This unique spiritual imaging system was created for holistic practitioners of alternative health and wellness centers concerned with the health of the mind, body, and spirit.
According to metaphysical thought, an aura is a kind of human energy field surrounding our bodies which is thought to have seven layers that correspond to each of the seven chakras.
The color makeup of an aura is a metaphysical and energetic reflection of your spiritual health.
So what does it look like.
It’s thought to consist of a distribution of different colors and light.
Besides your current energy, an aura might also reflect past or ongoing energy imbalances.
For example, if you’re sad, your aura may be duller in representation.
On the other hand, a happy and confident person will have a light, brighter aura.
Has this piqued your interest in an energy reading.

Our AuraCloud 3D Basic is a great starting point if you want to buy an aura camera
How does the AuraCloud 3D work?

The IES AuraCloud 3D is a comprehensive package for an alternative health and spiritual wellness practitioner.
At its most basic level, aura camera technology features a human-computer interface system, with both hardware and software that work together to create a representative aura image.
Using a hand sensor that reads temperature and electro-dermal energy, the system converts the hand data (the input) into a representation of a client’s aura (the output).
This amazing piece of equipment offers effortless storage of aura readings as well as client profile information.
It’s an easy way to manage clients so you can quickly pull up aura readings and keep important notes about clients at hand.

Please inquire directly for the AuraCloud 3D Basic price

What’s Included in Your IES AuraCloud 3D Basic?.
Zensen Sensor.
Logitech HD Web Camera.

AuraSim 3D: Shows you a 3D model of the aura

You can spin the model along the axis or concentrate on one specific angle.
AuraGraph 3D: A graphed representation of your aura.
Aura Script (including 5 lines of data): A textual description of your client’s aura reading.

AuraVid: Visual aura and headshot visualization projected in real-time
ClientManager: Keep track of your clients and their information

Easily pull up past energy readings.

What other AuraCloud devices does Inneractive offer?

If you’re interested in taking an aura video, .

We have an Aura Video Station 7 which gives you more in-depth chakra and aura readings

You can also upgrade your camera to the AuraCloud 3D Pro which has robust features to achieve deeper insights into client aura readings.
Inneractive Enterprises Inc.
is a professional corporation built on the principals of knowledge, progression and discovery.
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We create fully innovative technology that is easy to use.
Our goal is to inspire your capabilities, grow your business over time and help to increase the well-being of you and the people you work with.



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