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Helping Grow Partners to SaaS ISVs

– Services for SaaS Software Enablers

Services for SaaS Enablers.
Helping Grow  Partners  to SaaS ISVs.

The SaaS Software market is exploding

creating a huge market for partners and suppliers to SaaS vendors to help these SaaS companies build, deploy, and extend their offerings.
When creating a SaaS product, .

ISVs need a new set of partners to help them create their SaaS product

The technology used to create new SaaS products is more advanced than the older platforms used to create On-premise  applications  and it is a logical time to consider upgrading development works and tools.
There is new  development  software that needs to be embraced such as elasticity and multi-tenancy that are facilitated by tools provided by SaaS ISV suppliers.
New  partnership s will be established with IaaS and PaaS vendors who provide the hosting platforms for SaaS products.
Other partnerships will need to be established to provide support for  essential capabilities of a SaaS product including cloud security, on-boarding, billing, system monitoring, auditing, regulatory compliance, .

And disaster recovery required to create the minimally viable SaaS platform
But it is never sufficient just  to replicate existing product capabilities on SaaS
SaaS products naturally are extended to include social

mobile, and business intelligence/big data analytic capabilities.
The  requirements  for these capabilities must be addressed in new SaaS products and provide an opportunity for SaaS Service Providers.
There are many  opportunities  for SaaS ISV suppliers and partners; Cloud Strategies can help you identify and capitalize on these opportunities.

Once the basic capabilities are available in the ISV’s initial SaaS product

optimizations should take place to reduce operational expenses to no more than 15% of the reoccurring revenue by improving operational efficiency and optimizing the utilization of the computing resources with help from the SaaS ISV suppliers.
Performance  optimization s should occur using products such as CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and broadband optimization.
Customer Self-Service  capabilities  should be extended and Customer Engagement Analysis tools should be used to reduce churn and increase up-sell revenue.
There are countless opportunities for partners assisting SaaS ISVs to sell into their channel, sell  international ly, and to enhance their sales and marketing capabilities to take advantage of the SaaS opportunities.

Strategic Advisement for SaaS ISV Suppliers and Partners

Cloud Strategies can provide assistance in areas including:  Helping determine the Total Addressable Market.
Product  Positioning .
Competitive Positioning.
Distribution Strategies.
Pricing Strategies.
Compensation Strategies.
Financial Modeling.
Capital Strategies.
Business Plan Development.
Cloud Strategies can work with company management to participate in and advise in the product positioning, pricing,  .

And the requirement assessments of the SaaS vendor community

Market Development.

Since the SaaS market is in its early growth stage

it is critical those who serve SaaS ISVs to educate the market on the value of their product and services.
Cloud Strategies can help create market awareness of the value of these SaaS enablers by helping companies become thought leaders in their space.

These market awareness programs include assistance in:  Webinars

White Papers.
Blog Postings.
Speaking Engagements.
Seminar Participation.
User feedback solicitation and analysis.
We assist in building the market leadership position of partners and suppliers to SaaS Vendors.
SaaS Strategy Development.
SaaS Implementation Advisement.

Services for SaaS Software Enablers



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