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Tom and Tracy […] Read more SoCal MakerCon Recap

What the FFF Should I Do First With My New 3D Printer?.
With the industry of 3D printing continuing to grow, it’s no wonder that newer models and  update s keep being rolled out around the globe.
With each new 3D printer out in the market, there’s one more thing you need to learn, whether it be new features or simply  new technology  applied.

Tom and Tracy […] Read more           3D Printing For Beginners With Author Joe Micallef

Successful 3D printing begins with  learning how  to create 3D designs to print.
In this WTFFF.
episode brought to you live from the SoCal  Maker Con show floor, Tom and Tracy Hazzard interview Joe Micallef about how he got into the 3D Printing industry and decided to write his book, Beginning Design for 3D Printing.
[…] Read more           Modern Shop Class With Gene Sherman Of Vocademy.
For people born in the 1970’s and earlier, shop class was the place that most students first learned to design, build, and create.
Today, shop class is on the endangered species list of  educational  programs.
In this WTFFF.
Episode brought to you live from the SoCal MakerCon show floor, .

Tom and Tracy Hazzard spend […] Read more           3D Print Mother’s Day Gifts 2016

Mother’s Day is early this year, and there is still time to get mom a 3D print mother’s day gift or design one of your own.
We’ve scoured the 3D design sites to find the best 3D printed gifts to show the moms in your life how much you appreciate and love her.
Whether it […] Read more           Ask  Us Anything  – MatterHackers Event Part 1.
It’s Tuesday  Tech Tuesday , and today is hyper tech Tuesday.
Covering the topics and questions that were asked at our event with MatterHackers, but we have  group ed them in a way that makes it more logical.
Today’s group is for new users, and tomorrows group will be for more  advanced  users.
— Listen to the […] Read more           3D Freelance Tips.
I thought we’d talk  about  freelance tips and realities because it’s come up a lot when I’ve been interviewed on other podcasts lately.
I was recently interviewed for the App Guy podcast while I was at a conference last week.
The reality is that the amount of people—I think it’s 50% by the year […] Read more           Update on What WTFFF.
Is All About.
Reaching 200 episode is monumental.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard celebrate their 200th WTFFF.
Podcast and deserve to paint the town red with their achievement.
With the initial mission of helping people jump the learning curve for 3D printing, they have achieved this with the help of avid listeners.
On today’s special show, they share […] Read more           Making 3D Printing More Accessible with MatterHackers.
Checking back in with MatterHackers since our last episode with them, we wanted to talk more generally this time and get a feel for the other things they are working on and where their growth is.
They are simplifying the user experience and really developing a plug-n-play system with updates to their MatterControl platform.
With […] Read more           3D Design Theft or Fair Use?.
Is it 3D design theft, or is it fair use.
A timely issue in the 3D printing world that has just been happening that regards the potential theft of someone’s designs.
In this particular case, a Thingiverse designer found one of her designs being sold on eBay by a company called Just 3D Print […] Read more           Pausing 3D Prints – Tech Tips Revealed.
We have been getting a lot of feedback that Tech Tuesday is going well, and people like the technical discussion.
We have been getting some comments, too.
My favorite comment is from Vicky Somma, who said, “Tracy, just out-teched Tom.” I love that sentiment.
We have gotten a lot of comments from the slicer […] Read more           Challenges of the 3D Print Market.
Right now, we have this bigger foreboding question over our business about the current challenges of the 3D print market, which we thought we’d address.
Maybe it will be similar for other people contemplating what to do in the 3D printing world.
And in fact, we’ve been hearing from some listeners who are trying to […] Read more           Are We Really Worried About Our Designs Being Stolen?.
History has proven time and time again that groundbreaking products will always be replicated.
It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when and by who.
Designers worried about their 3D designs being stolen are in a way crippled when it comes to the industry.
Being in the industry for some time, […] Read more           Robo 3D Kits.
Today we got to spend some more time following up with Braydon Moreno, the CEO and co-founder of Robo 3D.
I’m excited we got to follow up with him because they had done some terrific things.
They were our top pick for CES’s 3D printing section.
They have so many things going on between their […] Read more           Are We Scaring People Away From 3D Printing?.
This is an Ask Us Anything that came from Twitter – they think we’re scaring people away from 3D printing.
It’s a fair criticism.
We want to hear from you, no matter what you think.
Our talking about 3D printing and how difficult it can be to learn it and do what you want is not to scare […] Read more           Can You Capture Other Parts in Your 3D Prints?.
Today’s topic comes from someone we talked to recently who asked us a question: Is it possible to make a 3D print where you print part of it and put some other object of a different material into the middle of your print and keep printing over it.
So you encapsulate it or capture […] Read more           Is Anyone Actually Selling 3D Printed Products?.
One particular long-time listener of this podcast has probably asked us more challenging questions than anybody else.
That’s Eduardo Martini out of Brazil.
Thank you so much.
Today, we are going to have a discussion about this question that he wrote in most recently.
We tried to find some answers, and it’s not easy.
The […] Read more           Educational Project – Digital Sundial.
In this WTFFF.
Episode, Tom and Tracy have found a great educational project for teachers and students.
There is a lot of potential here for creating it into a larger lesson plan about time, geography, and of course 3D printing and 3D design.
What they are talking about is creating a digital sundial, […] Read more           Jurassic 3D Printers Built to Last Until the Next Ice Age with Clay Guillory of Titan 3D.
Today, we have an interview with Clay Guillory of Titan 3D.
And that is a big printer; there is a reason they call it Titan.
It’s not even just big; it’s built, too.
That thing is like a tank. We were really impressed with it when we saw it at CES.
I started talking to Clay […] Read more           Food 3D Printer Update.
Tom & Tracy received many tweets and emails in response to their last episode on Countertop Food 3D Printers.
In fact, the responses were so positive and informative that they decided to follow up with this WTFFF.
Food 3D Printer Update episode to discuss and share it with everyone.
There are several more Countertop 3D […] Read more           Why Does My Recurring 3D Print Suddenly Change?.
If you have been in this industry long enough, you’ll find that problems in your 3D printing process could arise even when you’ve done it numerous times already.
In this episode, Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard answer this familiar question: “Why does my recurring 3D print suddenly change?” Just when everything else seems to […] Read more           ThingMaker by Mattel, Is this a 3D Printing Game Changer?.
In this WTFFF.
episode Tom and Tracy discuss some exciting news coming from the Toy Fair in New York.
There will be a 3D print version of the ThingMaker, which is a Mattel toy from the ‘60s.
Mattel has recognized the opportunity with modern desktop 3D printing.
They are reviving the name of the ThingMaker […] Read more           Are There Countertop Food 3D Printers?.
We did an episode a week or two ago on food 3D printing coming out of CES and on an article you wrote for your Inc.
column “By Design.” We have had some more people write in with questions about that.
The question was: “Are there really any countertop, less expensive food 3D printers, […] Read more           Ring Cam, A 3D Print Prototype For Business Success.
Today we’ve got a really relevant but fun and unusual story and interview about a 3d print prototype, that actually came to us from completely outside the 3D print industry through somebody we have known for twenty years: Michael Byers of the Byers Group, a friend of ours from East Grand Rapids, Michigan.
He hooked […] Read more           How Harmful are 3D Printing Fumes?.
Today the Hazzards are talking about hazards.
Hazards with one Z instead of two.
We are talking about toxicity, fumes, and other things related to 3D print materials because there has been a report that was put out.
We have talked in the past about using PLA, and one of those major reasons is […] Read more           What kind of 3D Printing Careers are there?.
Great question, there are so many 3D printing careers to consider.
We meet with a lot of people in business with very successful companies.
When these companies get together and discuss market research and projections about the future of business, there is so much discussion right now about how traditional manufacturing businesses are going to […] Read more           3D Print Education Finding the Hidden Volume Discounts.
Diving deeper into the issues faced getting 3D Printers in schools, we have found that 3D Print education discounts are rarely publicly disclosed on 3D Printer manufacturer web sites.
Because the large CAD software companies have programs that are easy to buy from and use straight over their web sites, as parents, we have gotten […] Read more           What is the best way to demo my 3D printing quality and services?.
That’s a tough one.
It’s a good question because 3D printing quality is subjective, especially for those who have no direct experience with 3D printers.
So if you have a 3D printing service business, your customers may not have a.
They may have only learned about it on TV, or from a friend, and may […] Read more           Teach Teachers How to Teach 3D Printing = Time + Resources.
Getting kids to learn 3D Printing is not just about getting 3D Printers into the classroom, it’s about how to teach teachers.
This is a realistic struggle going on in the education systems worldwide.
It’s a completely new subject with new technology and the knowledge programs to teach teachers are still in formation.
If you […] Read more           When I choose a 3D printer, should I buy support and training?.
You may think that if you choose a 3D printer, especially one of the closed systems that are easier to use like a MakerBot, you will not need a support package.
Especially because the closed system printers are more user friendly than the typical RepRap style 3d printers.
In my experience, regardless of the features […] Read more           Best 3D Printer to Rep, Sell and Love.
As we develop this 3D Start Point resource for people getting a start in 3D printing, we explored the idea that we might want to sell or endorse the best 3D Printer we could find.
Should we put up a mini-store with the “Best 3D Printer” for sale.
First off, we are not sales people.
[…] Read more           Is 3D printing filament safe to use in the home?.
Since the explosion of the desktop 3D printing industry, plastic in the form of 3D printing filament is being melted and formed into physical objects in people’s homes at an increasing rate.
In fact, today 3D printing materials and printers are being placed in homes and educational institutions more than businesses.
The community of Montclair, […] Read more           Misconceptions About 3D Print Filament Costs.
Whenever I walk through the printer ink cartridge aisle at Costco, I always hear complaints and grumbling about the ridiculously high cost of ink.
“It costs $80 for black ink!” The reaction to the $50 roll of 3D Print filament costs are the same.
However, thinking that 3D printer filament is similar to these consumables […] Read more           3D Printing Speed – Fast Enough for Mass Production?.
The assumption that 3D Printing speed is not fast enough for mass production requires some analysis and investigation.
Clearly, Invisalign is making money with a huge farm of mass production 3D printers, so their 3D printing time is not too slow.
Their production is a staggering number too – around 80,000 prints per day.
Their […] Read more           How Come You Never 3D Print Me Anything?.
Happy Mardi Gras.
I always ask how come you never 3D print me anything, but it’s really not true.
You did make me something for Mardi Gras.
Not for Valentine’s Day, mind you, but for Mardi Gras.
We had the opportunity to be on a Game of Thrones Mardi Gras float in the parade in […] Read more           3D Print Your Way To A Super Bowl Ad.
How did White Clouds 3D print your way to a Super Bowl Ad.
It started with an injury to Thomas Davis who is a linebacker on the Carolina Panthers.
He broke his arm in the NFC Championship game, had surgery the next day, and had a whole bunch of screws put in the bone of […] Read more           How To Improve Your 3D Prints.
Do you find yourself frustrated when your finished 3D printed product doesn’t come out just the way you wanted it to.
If so, what are some tips on how you can improve your 3D prints.
That’s what Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss in this episode.
They define the meaning of quality and improvement and […] Read more           The Netflix of On Demand 3D Printing with Hector Berribi of 3DShook.
3DShook has made the WTFFF.
Best Of list multiple times.
The Valentine’s Day list was published recently, and another item of theirs made the list.
In this episode of WTFFF?!, Tom & Tracy interview Hector Berrebi of 3DShook to learn about what makes their content different.
Are they the Netflix of on demand 3D […] Read more           Meetup With Matterhackers.
We all need help from time to time, and meetups are one of the best ways to gain knowledge from industry experts.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk about an Ask Us Anything Event, an opportunity for people in the 3D printing market to get much-needed help and knowledge about 3D printing.
[…] Read more           How Can I Get Educated For A Career In 3D Printing?.
There are times when age and knowledge become big factors when deciding for a career change.
When it comes to learning something new, though, it’s never too late.
The same is true when you want to get educated and embark on a 3D printing career.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer the questions of a […] Read more           3D Print Valentines 2016 – 3D Print Gifts for Your Sweetie.
Trying to figure out what gift to give your sweetie for Valentine’s Day 2016.
If you’ve been spending too much time learning how to 3D Print then this is the perfect time to show her (or him) that 3D Printing is not the love of your life.
But picking out the perfect 3D Print Valentines […] Read more           Valentines Day 3D Print Suggestions.
What are you going to print me for Valentine’s Day.
Can I Make some Valentines Day 3D Print Suggestions.
I have to print you something for Valentine’s Day.
You never print me anything.
You’re always printing other people stuff.
But I have to do that all the time.
I don’t have time to print something […] Read more           Food 3D Printing.
With so many things that can be printed nowadays using a 3D printer, why not food.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk about the upcoming future and innovations in the 3D print industry as it relates to food.
They use their daughter, Alexandra, as an example of a budding baker who needs an edge to […] Read more           3D Printing Apps Promote Ease Of Use With Drew Taylor Of AstroPrint.
Are you having trouble navigating and operating your 3D printer and software.
Joining Tom and Tracy Hazzard today is Drew Taylor, the CEO and Founder of AstroPrint.
Drew talks about 3D printing and solving the frustrations that everyone is having in the market.
In this episode, learn how Drew made 3D printing easy and […] Read more           3D Print Design Customization.
There are tons of products that can be bought by just about anyone who has enough means, but there’s that little bit of extra excitement when you get something that’s limited, or better yet, made just for you.
In 3D prints, you can have something unique by a simple customization of the design.
In […] Read more           Should You 3D Print 200 Parts Or Only One And Cast The Rest?.
Should you 3D print 200 parts or only one and cast the rest.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk about 3D printing versus casting when producing multiple objects of the same design.
In this episode, learn why it’s important to form a game plan and knowing beforehand the essential details in your print.

Tom and […] Read more           Is 3D Printing Many Parts At One Time Better?

Is 3D printing many parts at one time better.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer this great question from one of their followers, Eduardo.
Based on their experience, Tom and Tracy talk about the pros and cons of printing multiple objects at the same time.
Learn the sweet spot on your printer […] Read more           3D Printer Overload.
With over 900 3D printers out in the market, choosing one that will suit your needs can be a nightmare for anyone.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk about the 3D printer overload and a 3D print market desperately trying to cope up where the business is.
Get to know their take […] Read more           Martin Lansard and Pierre-Antoine Arrighi of Aniwaa.
We have an interview today from across the pond over in France with two business partners and co-founders of a 3D printing ecosystem of printers, scanners, and software called Aniwaa.com.
It’s Martin Lansard and Pierre-Antoine Arrighi.
Aniwaa used to be a product comp chart kind of thing.
We had used them a few times […] Read more           Consumer Vs.
Where is the 3D printing market going.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard tackle the 3D printing market and its future.
Consumer versus prosumer, get to hear both sides of the corner from Tracy and Tom as to why they think 3D Systems have moved out of the consumer market and back to […] Read more           3D Designs For Sale.
Do you have 3D printed products or designs that you want to sell but don’t know how to.
If you do, this is just the episode for you.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard once printed a tie and were asked multiple times if and where they’re for sale.
Encountering issues in trying to sell them […] Read more           Big Show Vs.
Little Show.
Trade shows or events often serve as a platform for household names and startups alike to showcase their products and grow their network.
However, if you’re a startup, you need to be able to identify and weigh the benefits of a big show versus a little show.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard share their experience […] Read more           CES 3D Printing Recap.
My feet still hurt from walking the rows and rows of exhibits at CES as I write this.
We just got back from CES, and while it’s fresh in our minds, we are documenting this CES 3D Printing Recap, covering the best and the worst of what we saw at CES 2016.
Let’s just say, […] Read more           Planning A Killer 3D Printing Event.
Last August we interviewed Colton Robtoy as he was planning the CD Printathlon.
CD is the Capital District, which is the Albany, NY area.
We were talking to him about the challenges of planning this Printathlon.
He was trying to get the word out about it, and that is why he came on our […] Read more           Shapeways Top 10 Most Purchased Products Of 2015.
In December 2015, Shapeways published an article about the top ten products that were purchased that year.
For those unfamiliar with Shapeways, they are a global leader in advanced 3D Printing solutions by leveraging a network of cutting-edge digital manufacturing and material partners.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard give a rundown of […] Read more           3D Hubs January Report Recap.
If you’re in the 3D print industry but are not familiar with 3D Hubs, it’s high time to learn.
3D Hubs is a company that releases a report that covers recent trends in the manufacturing industry based on data from thousands of active international suppliers.
This report includes print quality ratings, 3D printer model […] Read more           Smart Extruder+ Announcement.
The MakerBot fifth-generation Replicator printers have become famous in the industry, and not in a good way.
With extensive efforts in testing, the Smart Extruder+ has been announced and is certainly something users are currently looking forward to.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard share their experience with this infamous printer and its original Smart Extruder.
[…] Read more           3D Print Crowd Source Vs.
Professional Design.
If you’re new to the 3D print industry, one of the things you need to have is a 3D print design library.
Now, the question is, who do you use to help you design that library – crowdsourcing or professional designers.
This is what Tom and Tracy Hazzard tackle in this episode.
Each source […] Read more           3D Printing Safety First.
In this episode of WTFFF?!, 3D Printing Safety First, we have an interview from down under with Gail Greatorex from Product Safety Solutions.
We talked with her via social media a long time ago, when we first started the podcast.
She was pointing us to material safety data because we were talking about filament, air […] Read more           Is There Exceptional 3DP Customer Service?.
Are you looking to purchase a 3D printer.
Aside from great specifications and quality, in any purchase, people look for products and services with exceptional customer service.
You don’t ever want to be left with a malfunctioning product without anyone to ask help from.
In this episode, .

Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk all about […] Read more           3D Print Fail Fast & Forward

It used to be that failing is often frowned upon and isn’t a concept that people tend to embrace.
In modern industries, including 3D printing, people acknowledged that the strategy to fail fast and forward can be advantageous if done correctly with a realistic and achievable process.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard explain why this […] Read more           A 3D Print Photo Is Worth 1000 Shares.
Do you remember the adage that goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” The same, and more, is true with photos printed using a 3D printer.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss the value found in 3D print photos especially in this age of social media.
Whenever you are marketing your […] Read more           Taking Action.
It’s important to be action-oriented in business and in life.
In this New Year’s Day episode, learn what Tom and Tracy Hazzard did that led them to take action in their own life and business and the associations they moved to that helped these actions.
Tom and Tracy dive into taking the first step […] Read more           New Year’s Resolution.
The start of each year is like a reset button for people all around the world.
Some take the time to come up with their New Year’s resolution, while some simply reflect and try to improve on a daily basis.
As a New Year is upon us, Tom and Tracy Hazzard take the initiative […] Read more           3D Printing Nerd Power Guides.
In this episode of WTFFF, 3D Printing Nerd Power Guides, we have an interview with quite a character, Joel Telling.
His YouTube channel is “3D Printing Nerd.” We love that name.
He really has a lot of fun with what he does here on his YouTube channel, and it’s all about 3D printing, as […] Read more           Does A USA Made 3D Printer Matter?.
Whenever you’re shopping for anything, do you ever find yourself checking the information for where that item is made.
With 3D printers now being manufactured, distributed, and sold all around the globe, would buying one specifically made in the USA matter.
That’s the question Tom and Tracy Hazzard tackle in this episode.
They go […] Read more           How Do You Create Your Time Lapse Videos?.
Creating time-lapse videos of your 3D print can be great for your brand.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard get into the cameras they use and explain why the placement and positioning of your camera are absolutely critical to a great video.
Learn some tips and tricks that not only makes your viewers […] Read more           Attacking a Difficult 3D Print.
What is the best way to attack a difficult 3D print.
How do the Pros do it.
In this WTFFF.
episode Tom and Tracy discuss tips and best practices to help you achieve success with Russell Singer of Make-It Inc.
With so many variables including temperature, speed, filament, complicated geometry, infill, wall thickness, support structures, […] Read more           Should I Build My Own 3D Printer?.
Should you build your own 3D printer.
That depends on the purpose you want to use it for.
Are you in it for money.
Do you see it as a learning experience.
You have to weigh these things and come up with the best decision that works for you.

Listen to Tom Hazzard and […] Read more           Analysis Of 3D Hubs Report

If you’re planning to buy your very first 3D printer, user ratings can be a great place to start looking for the hardware that best suits your needs.
The 3D Hubs Report is a monthly report that gives valuable information on trends in the 3D printing market.
In many ways, however, the information put out by […] Read more           Should I Participate In Holiday 3D Printing Contests?.
Around a half dozen 3D printing contests are launched in different places during the holidays, showcasing some of the best designs the industry has to offer.
Should you join any of them.
Will it help increase your exposure and marketing.
Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard give their opinions on this matter.
Listen in as […] Read more           Where Can I Find Definitions To 3D Printing Vocabulary Terms?.
The 3D printing industry is a relatively new field, and its jargon is continuously evolving.
3D printing terms are usually coined by engineers, and they don’t always resonate with consumers.
Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard believe that it is about time the 3D world adopts a more accessible vocabulary that doesn’t sound confusing and […] Read more           Diligently Sourcing For 3D Print Production With Cullen Hilkene Of 3Diligent.
Sourcing is one of the biggest problems for most inventors and entrepreneurs in 3D production, with customers generally left on their own to find cutting-edge digital manufacturing vendors that are best suited to their 3D manufacturing needs.
3Diligent is a platform that prequalifies the vendors who can bid on your project.
Customers can take advantage […] Read more           Organizing Your 3DP Files – Backups & Redundancy.
When a file gets corrupted or a drive crashes in the middle of the design process – a not so rare occurrence – the world stops for the designer who forgot to make backups.
No matter how much you love your job, it is never fun to have to go stuff all over again just […] Read more           Can I Get Your 3D Angel STL File?.
Should 3D designers share their STL files.
That can be a hard nut to crack, especially when you’re talking about an educator wanting to use it for educational purposes.
How do you manage to help people with your content without having to lose control over it.
Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard answer these questions […] Read more           Should 3DP Companies Lobby Congress?.
In light of the previous discussion on copyright law and intellectual property rights and what they mean for the 3D printing industries, an important question arises: Is it time for 3D printing companies to lobby Congress for a more inclusive definition of articles to include digital files.
Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard take on […] Read more           3D Print File Rights And Protection With Maria Speth Of Jayburg Wilk.
As the 3D printing industry grows, it becomes all the more essential for designers and manufacturers to find ways to protect their products and ideas from infringement.
Players in the field are specifically interested in how they can protect their rights in their digital 3D print files from unauthorized copying.
Spurred by the Invisalign® […] Read more           How Do I Get My Mom To Buy Me A 3D Printer?.
Of course, you want a 3D printer, but these things can cost a great deal of money that you can’t just come up with, especially if you’re eleven years old.
And then there’s mom.
How can you convince her that it’s a good investment.
Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard give some tips on how […] Read more           Hackable 3D Printers With Diego Porqueras.
The 3D printer technology has only been accessible to the masses quite recently. Deezmaker, a 3D printer manufacturer based in San Dimas, California, is one of the foremost leaders in this sphere.
Led by its Founder and President, Diego Porqueras, the company manufactures 3D printer kits, which are sold online and at its retail store, the […] Read more           3D Scanning With Jewelyn Co Of CoKreeate.
3D scanning is a rising fad, with many people wanting to make 3D models of themselves.
Joining Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard on the show, Jewelyn Co of CoKreeate shares how they do this process in their shop.
Based in Alhambra, California, CoKreeate is an all-in-one shop that does 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and prototyping.
They […] Read more           All-In-One 3D Printers With Jens Windau And Lucas Lok Of AIO Robotics.
3D printing has yet to come to the layperson user’s world, as it often involves a sharp learning curve for non-advanced users. AIO Robotics is prospecting in this direction by designing all-in-one printers of the plug-and-play model.
This allows beginners to operate the printers easily while still getting the most of their cutting-edge functionality.
Director of […] Read more           3D Printed Memes & Marketing In The Niche With Eric Ho Of Raw Legend Collaborations On Shapeways.
Is Shapeways the best place on the internet to sell your 3D printed designs.
Eric Ho sure thinks so, and he should know because he worked there as their Social Media Manager.
Now he has a stable of designers that work with him to create original 3D printed memes (with a lot of Corgis!), […] Read more           Astroprint 3D Printing App Store.
What does a world traveler and coder like Drew Taylor do when he falls in love with 3D printing.
Well, of course he leaves his former career behind and starts Astroprint 3D Printing App Store.
In this WTFFF.
episode brought to you live from the show floor, Tom and Tracy discuss how Astroprint 3D Printing […] Read more           Raising The Bar With Taj Chiu Of Raise 3D.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard first met Taj Chiu, then of Toy Builder Labs, at the first SoCal MakerCon.
They sat down with her again to learn why she was exhibiting at this SoCal MakerCon in a Raise 3D booth.
In this WTFFF.
episode brought to you live from the show floor, Tom and Tracy […] Read more           SoCal MakerCon Recap.
This year’s SoCal MakerCon Convention attracted so many more attendees and exhibitors than last year that it had to be moved to a larger building a month before the show.
In this WTFFF.
episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss their experience exhibiting and giving a talk on Makers Making Profits.
They also preview nine […] Read more           My Kid Has A Science Project, Should We Use 3D Printing?.
Should you use 3D printing for your kid’s science project.
Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard have some serious misgivings about this seemingly brilliant idea of using this technology for homework.
Because they, too, have a kid, and they have tried (and failed) to do so.
Listen and learn about some of the repercussions […] Read more           Should I Avoid Buying A Printer That Requires Proprietary (Cartridge) Filament?.
Most 3D printers would accept any filament of the right diameter, but a few require a proprietary cartridge system that prevents you from using any filament other than theirs.
Where should you draw the line when it comes to proprietary filaments.
Should you avoid buying printers that require them.
For Tom Hazzard and Tracy […] Read more           How Do You Build Design Talent In Your 3D Printing Business?.
It is amazing to see how far the 3D printing industry has grown without many artists and designers involved in it.
Imagine what the future would hold for the industry if it incorporated significantly more artistic talent into its 3D design workforce, especially in the 3D retail product sphere.
Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard […] Read more           Maker Help In The City Of Makers With Mike Moceri Of MakerOS.
As the 3D printing industry grows and diversifies, the need for collaboration between different fields involved in 3D design and production becomes more pronounced.
MakerOS offers this kind of solution, being a management system for 3D printing businesses that allows vendors and clients to collaborate on projects on a unified platform.
With a variety of […] Read more           What Is The Difference Between A Mentor And A Coach?.
If you’re starting a business in 3D printing or any other field, it helps to have someone from the outside to give you a fresh perspective on things and help your business grow.
You might want to work with a coach or a mentor (or both) to do this, but what is the difference […] Read more           What Are Some Best Practices For Communicating With 3DP Customers?.
Repeat customers are precious commodities for any manufacturer, and they can only be obtained through excellent service.
Ensuring customer satisfaction with your output entails good communication – a lot of it.
What are some of the best practices for customer communication that you can apply in your own 3D printing business.

Tom Hazzard and […] Read more           When Should I File A Patent For My 3D Prints?

Patent for 3D prints are necessary especially when you want your designs and products to be more valuable.
In this WTFFF.
episode Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer a question from a loyal listener from Brazil, Eduardo Martini who asks when should he file a patent on his 3D printed designs, and when did Tom […] Read more           Builder Dual 3D Printer Review – Double Dutch Color 3D Printing.
If you have just started looking into all of the available 3D printers on the market, you may be wondering why so many printers are only capable of printing with one color or material at a time.
That is exactly what we thought as we got started a couple of years ago.
Once we started […] Read more           San Diego Maker Faire.
Maker Faires provide a unique space for makers to show their craft to engage in collaboration with the rest of the maker community in fun events.
You might want to think about it if you’re looking to spend dollars to exhibit in one, though, as Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard learned the hard way […] Read more           3D Print Canada, eh?.
3D Printing may be big here in the USA, but the scene in Canada is just as hot, in fact in this episode of WTFFF.
we learn that retailers in Canada are bringing 3D printing to average consumers in ways we have not yet seen south of the border.

Tom and Tracy take a deep […] Read more           3D Printed Robotics & Drones

3D Printed Robotics and Drones are all the rage these days.
Companies developing them are racing to prove that their technology is better than all others.
Our guests this week, Jesse Chang and Marc Gyongyosi, founders of two startups, MDAR and Intelligent Flying Machines (IFM), use 3D Printed Robotics and Drones to speed product development […] Read more           Perfect Pet Prints With Ashley Saunders Of PetPrints 3D.
Who doesn’t have a special memory of their favorite pet.
In this episode of WTFFF?!, Tom and Tracy Hazzard chat with Ashley Saunders, the Brand Manager of PetPrints 3D.
Ashley shares how she and her partner, Mary Henin, turned their passion for pets into a successful and growing business using 3D printing technology.
We […] Read more           3D Printshow Recap.
It’s trade show Season.
We are getting out of the studio to bring you the cutting edge 3D Printshow recap right from the show floor.
The Pasadena Convention Center was the perfect venue for the 3D Printshow California, the quality of exhibitors and seminars was much better than expected.
We took our AV crew on […] Read more           Polar 3D Printer Review – 3D Printing Circles.
What printer should I buy.
That is one of the most frequently asked questions we get at WTFFF.
Once you have decided to take the plunge and buy your own 3D printer, your head may spin as you weigh the options and ever-growing choices of 3D printers on the market.
The multitude of features and […] Read more           3D Photos to 3D Prints.
Now that just about every one carries a smart phone, they have a powerful computer with a high resolution camera in their purse or pocket.
Wouldn’t it be great if these high tech devices could take more than just flat pictures.
Thanks to Bevel, […] Read more           3D Print Metal – Titanium 100th Episode.
Reaching 100 WTFFF.
Podcast episodes is a milestone for us and to commemorate it, 3D Print Metal additive manufacturer, Addaero printed the Angel design that started it all for us, only this time instead of PLA, it is printed in Titanium.
Using Electron […] Read more           Back to School 3D Prints.
Back to School 3D Prints picks to download and print need some remedial education.
For the most part, the back to school 3D prints and download need to go back the chalk drawing board.
Just because many of these are for kids doesn’t mean they need to be basic.
If we let our 6-year old […] Read more           Pricing 3D Print Designs – Accounting for Design.
Accounting for Design -Pricing 3D Print Designs Originally published on the Pinshape Blog September 2015.
Supporting the growth of the 3D printing community by offering open share 3D print designs is much needed in an industry where content is king.
But pricing 3D print designs for free may not be best for you as a […] Read more           Critical 3D Print Operations With Aaron Roy Of 3DPrinterOS.
Many shy away from going deep into how 3D Print operations and the operating system work because it is a challenging topic to tackle.
If you feel this way, then you are in luck because this episode will help guide you through it.
Breaking down the complexities and confusion surrounding it, Tom and Tracy […] Read more           Power Supply Issues.
There is nothing more annoying than power interruptions in the middle of printing.
Whether it is an outage or a surge, your print will most likely be affected.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss power supply issues, sharing the best ways to power your “what”—printer, laptop, and the likes—no matter your “where.” Don’t let power […] Read more           3D Print Material Update.
Just as ever-changing the world of 3D printing is, we can expect that there will be shifts in how much the materials will cost.
This episode brings you an update about the costs of 3D Printing material since the early days we tackled this topic.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard share with you some new […] Read more           Why We Don’t Sell 3D Printers.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard open up in this Ask Us Anything episode about why they don’t sell 3D Printers.
People have asked, and they tell you why it’s not the right time for them to be selling.
Going further, Tom and Tracy then share what they would need out of the product to really […] Read more           SoCal Maker Con.
Are you curious about the WTFFF.
3D Printing Podcast.
Do you have a question that you just want Tom and Tracy Hazzard to answer in person.
Fret no more because you can see and hear them live and in person.
3D Printing Podcast are taking the show on the road to the […] Read more           3D Printathalon – Pull An All-Nighter With Colton Robtoy Of CD Printathalon.
Are you up for an all-nighter that promotes 3D Printing to more people and businesses.
Then the 24-hour 3D Printathalon is the perfect event to be.
In conjunction with a 3D Printing showcase event in the Capital District area of New York, Albany, the 3D Printathalon will be going on September 18, 19, and […] Read more           Upcoming 3D Printing Events.
You don’t need the excuse of Summer to go around the world.
3D Printing events could take you to places you’ve never been before, even if Summer is ending.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard share about the event-packed September and October that will have you feeling like it’s Summer all year long.
No matter where […] Read more           Are Event Costs Worth It?.
Going to events costs.
As the date draws nearer, you may find yourself asking whether going at all is worth it or not.
You’re not alone with this dilemma, and in this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk about how they feel about event costs.
More than the financial costs it takes for you […] Read more           Where To Look – 3D Printing Events.
Feeling a little lonely in your 3D Printing endeavor.
Not to worry because in this Ask Us Anything segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard has the perfect topic for you: 3D Printing Events.
There is just so much out there to learn and even meet in the 3D Printing space.
No matter where you might […] Read more           Donating A 3D Printing – Should Or Should Not?.
In this WTFFF Ask Us Anything Segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard wrap up Education Week by answering an important question—should you donate a 3D Printer to a school.
The answer, a big Y-E-S.
Just imagine the benefits it can hold for you and your business.
Not only that, but you’d also be helping many […] Read more           3D Print Lesson Plans With Hélène Trudeau, A Southern California-Based Arts Education Consultant.
3D Printing is a multidisciplinary program that brings together art, math, and science.
As the school days are fast-approaching, educators better shape up in developing new lesson plans and programs that fit to what the subject requires.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard get help from Southern California-based Arts Education Consultant, Hélène Trudeau, on […] Read more           How To Teach Teachers.
To have great students, we need to have great teachers as well.
In this Ask Us Anything episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk about providing teachers what they need to teach 3D Printing.
They break down the essential components in preparing educators to teach 3D Print Design and explore the resources they need to […] Read more           How To Help Teen Entrepreneurs.
There has been an exponential rise of teenage entrepreneurs.
Even more now, they have become more business-minded and are venturing out into the market space.
Aiding the next generation of great designers, Tom and Tracy Hazzard shed light on the ways 3D Printing can help teen entrepreneurs.
They talk about its benefits and the […] Read more           Educational Discounts.
The next generation of 3D Designers will be the face of the future.
That is why it helps to provide them the means to develop their skills while they are still students.
If you are a high school or college student looking to get into 3D Printing but can’t because of the price, then […] Read more           Why We Still Do Homework.
Learning does not stop after school.
That is why even if the school days are over for you, you still need to do some homework.
Only then will you keep up with the ever-changing 3D Printing space.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard dive in headfirst into the importance of continuously keeping yourself […] Read more           Masterminds, Mentors & Investors, Oh My.
With John Bokla Of i3D Creatives.
What are the differences between masterminds, mentors, and investors.
Should you pitch or talk to them differently.
3D Print Education expert and solopreneur John Bokla of i3D Creatives and the newly formed i3D.club has been doing a lot of pitching and talking with all three lately.
In this essential business discussion, John joins Tom […] Read more           Minimum Viable Product.
So you’ve heard about minimum viable product, but what about the value.
In this Ask Us Anything segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard introduce their idea of minimum value and its role in a product’s launch.
Go from overloading features to making an emotional connection with your product by adding value for the consumers.
— […] Read more           Why Everyone Should Be Considering 3D Printing.
We all know why designers are so excited about 3D printing, but what about the rest of the world.
Should they be excited.
In this WTFFF Ask Us Anything segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard go beyond the design world and discuss why every business should be considering the benefits of 3D printing.
— Listen […] Read more           Should You Use Non-Disclosure Agreements?.
Do you real need non-disclosure agreements.
In this WTFFF Ask Us Anything segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard kick off their entrepreneur week by discussing the little known consequences of using non-disclosure agreements or NDAs when pitching a product.
They also walk you through how they file their provisional patent.
While you may feel protected, […] Read more           3D Print Business Mentorship Winner.
The winner of the WTFFF 3D Print Business Mentorship contest is Kelechi Ojinnaka of Nigeria.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard could not be more excited about the interesting challenges that face them as they help Kelechi build Afera3D into the largest 3D Printing service bureau in Africa.
Kelechi is also a recipient of a Tony […] Read more           Pitch A 3D Print Business.
Who knew that picking one winner for our 3D Print Business Mentorship Contest could be so tough.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard’s three finalists all have a great business idea and passion for 3D printing.
The real debate might just be who can they help the most.
Listen to the pitches of finalists Eduard Martina […] Read more           Pitching Tips.
Imagine you’re stuck in an elevator with the one person who could launch your business into the stratosphere.
How do you convince them in two minutes about your lifetime of passion and hard work.
What do you possibly say.
In this special “Ask Us Anything” segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard call upon their friend […] Read more           How To Create Awareness.
So you have a great business idea, but how do you tell people about it.
In fact, who do you tell about it.
From social media planning to product release strategy, in this Ask Us Anything Segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard share how you can create awareness about your business as they discuss their […] Read more           Hazz Habits For Success.
What are some traits that lead to success.
In this “Ask Us Anything” segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss their unique habits that lead to their success in business.
From an intricate eye for design to an insatiable appetite for reading, they encourage you to think out-of-the-box about what makes you successful in your […] Read more           Copyright 3D Scanning Worries.
Does 3D scanning open up a can of copyright concerns for you and your business.
Probably, but you can be smart about it, too.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard share some tips and pitfalls to avoid if you are offering 3D scanning services or thinking about 3D scanning an item.
They get into copyright and […] Read more           Honey We 3D Shrunk Ourselves With Miles Guidon Of Hollywood 3D Printing.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard go Hollywood – Hollywood 3D Printing, that is – in order to understand full-body 3D scanning from expert Miles Guidon.
Explore the world of 3D scanning with Tom and Tracy as they each get scanned from head to toe.
After listening to the podcast, check out their show notes blog […] Read more           3D Scan Clean-Up.
After having their scans made, Tom and Tracy Hazzard finished cleaning them up and improving them for the best 3D print output possible.
On today’s show, discover the multiple areas that might need clean-up and repair as they look into any blank or missing areas of data, any misinterpretations of shadows or textures, and […] Read more           Improving 3D Scans.
After all, the better the 3D Scan input, the better the 3D Print output.
But how can you make your 3D scans turn out better so you can do less clean-up work.
Miles Guidon of Hollywood 3D Printing gives some tips as scanned Tom and Tracy Hazzard for some fun “mini-me’s.” Tom and Tracy […] Read more           What’s A Good 3D Scanner?.
As with every other product, every 3D print enthusiast looks for a good 3D scanner.
Hosts Tom and Tracy Hazzard are not really the kind of designers that use 3D scanning, which is why they had to go out and find the answers for you on this one.
There are so many to choose […] Read more           Day In The Life – 3D Print Sales With Buzz Baldwin Of 3D Print Life.
The more good quality 3D Print products are out there, the more we attract, and the faster the market will grow.
As such, the need for trusted printers and materials are a must.
Guest, Buzz Baldwin of 3D Print Life, is well-versed in the day-to-day of 3D Print Sales.
3D Print Life is a reseller of 3D […] Read more           Zero Waste 3D Printing.
Sustainable practices have become even more important now, as climate change has become worse.
The 3D Printing space has been moving towards this direction of helping the environment and the world.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss Zero Waste 3D Printing and in what aspects it is critical.
They also talk about […] Read more           Mixing 3D Print And Traditional Parts.
Curious about whether you can mix traditional and 3D Printed parts in a product.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard say, why not.
They talk about how you can mix 3D Print and traditional parts and why this “hybrid” is the biggest market opportunity in 3D Printing today.
But before you go and dive head first, […] Read more           Creating Organic Forms.
There is a reason why organic forms appeal to many consumers.
However, not anyone can easily create them.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard let you in on their process for designing organic forms.
A warning, they do it the hard way.
Their award-winning 3D Printed Twist Tie was not a 3D print math algorithm.
It […] Read more           Finalists – Build Your 3D Print Contest.
This is an exciting episode for those who entered in the Build Your 3D Print Contest.
After sifting through the mentorship contest entries, Tom and Tracy Hazzard have chosen three finalists to go to the next level.
Get ready to find out the amazing finalists that made the cut and prepare for the Skype […] Read more           3D Print Designer Matchmaking With Bobby Lin Of MyLocal3DPrinting.
Are you searching for the right 3D Print designer for your business projects.
Look no further because Tom and Tracy Hazzard have found the perfect client matchmaking service for 3D Print Designers.
Fresh from Down Under, they speak with Bobby Lin of MyLocal3DPrinting.com, a service business that fosters project relationships between 3D Print designers and businesses and […] Read more           Should I Sell A Download Or A 3D Print?.
Are you wondering whether you should sell a download or a 3D Print.
Let Tom and Tracy Hazzard give you clarity in this episode.
They break down the ‘what’ that should come before your decision, weighing in on the speed, the complexity of printing, and the marketability of downloads versus printing.
Read their criteria […] Read more           Best Ways to Find a 3D Designer.
Why is is so difficult to find a 3D Designer.
Variations on this question are raised at least once a week on the WTFFF.
Ask Us Anything podcast.
Many entrepreneurs, inventors and fledgling Kickstarters are looking for someone to take their working model, napkin sketch idea or crowdfunding product to the next level.
On the […] Read more           Should I 3D Print My Design To Sell It?.
Should you 3D Print your design before selling it.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer this question with a big Y-E-S.
Know why it is essential to 3D print your design before selling or even offering your designs for download.
Show people your credibility.
Let them know that what they see is what they get.
[…] Read more           Is 3D Printing Too Slow?.
To make money selling 3D Prints can be challenging because of the speed capacity of the printers these days.
It can’t keep up on the demand for certain products.
So, is 3D Printing too slow.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer this question and share why.
Not to be discouraged, however, because even with this, […] Read more           Best Ways To Get Designs Downloaded.
Do you want to showcase your 3D Print Designs all over the world and want them downloaded.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard show you the best ways in this episode.
Hoping your designs will easily get downloaded once you upload them on a 3D Print Content Site is not realistic.
Rise among other print designs […] Read more           3D Print Content Is King With Lucas Matheson Of Pinshape.
The future of the continued growth of 3D Printing lies at the hand of creating 3D Print Content.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard speak with Lucas Matheson of Pinshape about how his company is working to grow 3D Print Content and the content creator community.
Pinshape is a leading consumer marketplace for 3D printable products that […] Read more           How Come There Aren’t More Designers 3D Printing?.
The 3D Printing world is still growing.
While there is an abundance of people outside the space designing, trying out their hands on 3D Printing may have been challenging.
This begs the question, how come there aren’t more designers 3D Printing.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer this question.
They talk about the struggles many […] Read more           Are There Liabilities Selling 3D Print Products?.
Getting into the business of selling 3D printed products requires you to face some liabilities issues.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard share their own experience of dealing with the issues themselves after launching their designs into the Amazon Printed Product Store.
They give pointers and things to think over before deciding to go this route.
[…] Read more           3D Print Trends – Hot Geek Chic Weddings.
Personalized, make-it-yours (MIY) and DIY wedding trends are popping up everywhere.
Geek Chic wedding ideas are even on the rise, especially if you are looking for ideas for a wedding on the next National Pi Day (March 14 – 3.1416).
So where should the MIY and tech-savvy bride go to look for inspiration.
“Although plastic […] Read more           Can I Control How Many 3D Prints Are Made?.
With the increasing demand and competition, many 3D Print designers have found themselves in situations where their designs get used for unauthorized purposes.
It is time to put a stop to it now and get credit where credit is due.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss how you can control your design […] Read more           I Want 3D Printing In My School!.
Are you interested in 3D Printing and want it taught in your school.
Then know what to do in this episode.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard show you some of the things you can take action on to bring not just you but an entire village to make it happen.
3D Printing offers so many […] Read more           3D Print Education Revolution.
Brian Federal is a documentary filmmaker on a mission to revolutionize 3D Print Education.
Initially he started out just want to document the emergence of 3D Print economy but quickly realized that lack of education is what is holding the revolution at […] Read more           Revolutionizing 3D Print Education With Brian Federal Of Prana Communications.
How popular is 3D printing these days and how popular was it before.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard interview Brian Federal, a documentary filmmaker on a mission for the 3D Print Education Revolution.
Initially, Brian started out just wanting to document the emergence of the 3D print economy, but he quickly realized that lack of […] Read more           How To Add A To A STEM Class?.
How does one add “A” to a STEM class.
With degrees in art making them partial to adding the “A” to STEM, Tom and Tracy Hazzard explain why you should be, too.
Listen to some of their tips on how you can incorporate arts, design, science, and math in 3D printing and in your kid’s daily education.
[…] Read more           Affordable Re-Training And Job Opportunities.
Just like any technology, 3D printing is evolving.
This means that there will always be 3D job opportunities out there.
In this episode, Steven Mohammed asks, “Where can I find affordable retraining and job opportunities in the 3D printing and rapid prototyping fields?” Tom and Tracy Hazzard give recommendation as to how you can […] Read more           Where Can I Find 3D Print Events?.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard answers a very basic question in this episode, but at the same time important – Where can I find 3D print events.
The answer is simple – Google.
Tune in to today’s show for their advice on where you can go, how much you will most likely pay, and how you […] Read more           What’s The Best Way To Demo 3D Print Quality?.
Coming out of the 3D hub is the question, “What is the best way to demo 3D print quality?” 3D printing quality is subjective, especially for those who have no direct experience with 3D printers. Tom and Tracy Hazzard address how educational aspects relate to what’s happening to the 3D printing industry.
They also talk about the 3D hubs as a […] Read more           Back To The 3D Print Future With Brandon Davis Of Blue Dragon.
3D printers today still require a lot of perseverance, so 3D print companies need to be providing better help and support.
Today’s guest, Brandon Davis, the CEO of Blue Dragon and former CEO Leapfrog USA, has tremendous passion and respect for both the history and future of 3D printing.
He believes the key to […] Read more           Are Dual Extrusion Printer Any Good?.
Are dual extrusion 3D printers any good.
When Tom and Tracy Hazzard went to the FabLabSD Makerspace meeting, they were told by 3D printing expert, Alan MacAfee, that they are exponentially complicated because they are not as good.
Proving Alan to be correct, Tom and Tracy share their experiences as to why dual extrusion printers are not so good […] Read more           How Should I Choose A 3D Printer?.
Choosing a 3D printing to buy is a problem most 3D printing newbies are faced with.
On today’s show, Tom and Tracy Hazzard address this dilemma.
They believe that the selection process mainly depends on the quality you want, the size, and even the designs you need.
Join Tom and Tracy as they share […] Read more           3D Printables for Dads – WTFFF are the Designs?.
See our picks for the few good last minute 3D Printables to download and print for Dad.
Waited until the last minute to think of a gift for Dad.
Why not give your tech geek Dad a 3D Print.
We’ve taken care some of the searching required to find good 3D Printables perfect for Dad.
[…] Read more           Tips For 3D Print Designing In Rhino.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard’s first international question is from Eduardo Martini in Brazil who asks about some tips for successful 3D print designing with Rhino.
Although this is a little technically specific to Rhino, some of the tips are good for other 3D modeling programs as well.
They share some key tips for using […] Read more           Building A 3D Print Business Contest.
Wrapping up the 3D print segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard are brewing something great for their listeners.
While answering the question if 3D Printing is a good business plan for small local businesses, Tracy launches a surprise business mentorship contest.
Win $10,000 value in mentorship over 6 months from Tom and Tracy including consumer, […] Read more           What Can Brown Do For 3D Printing.
With Burke Jones And Michael Karagavoorian Of Kearny Mesa UPS Store.
3D printing services require a lot of convincing clients about quality, practicality, value worthiness of products.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard visit the first UPS Store franchise to offer 3D printing and talk to owner Burke Jones and 3D print specialist Michael Karagavoorian about the ins and outs of offering 3D print services, what it […] Read more           Why Are 3D Prints Expensive?.
Are 3D prints expensive or even expensive enough.
That is really the most appropriate question.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard debate whether or not the current rates for 3D print services are even profitable and sustainable.
They also share what tools to use to see if your design is off base or is too expensive.
[…] Read more           What To Charge For 3D Printing.
How much should you charge for 3D printing.
For most people, valuing a 3D print or a 3D print design file is like playing darts blindfolded.
For Tom and Tracy Hazzard, it is part of what they research and do every day for their clients.
Hear their tips on how to apply their retail […] Read more           How To Get A ROI From Your 3D Printer.
Getting a return on investment from your 3D Printer to recoup the actual costs or even the time it took to build 3D print and 3D print design skills is important to you and your business.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss some ways to make money with your machine and pricing your finished product.
[…] Read more           Sculpting B.
King – Bridgette Mongeon.
Deviating from the typical Ask Us Anything format, Tom and Tracy Hazzard couldn’t resist sharing with 3D Print Artist/Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon’s story about the impact B.
King had on her personally and professionally.
In light of his recent passing, Bridgette’s story shows the personality that comes through so clearly in his music which has […] Read more           Art And Culture Through The 3D Looking Glass With Bridgette Mongeon.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard chats with Bridgette Mongeon – sculptor, artist, and author – who shares with us what motivated her to go beyond traditional sculpting techniques.
She talks about how 3D printing plays a role in her fine art process by helping her sell clients on new projects and making her more productive.
[…] Read more           Can I Sell A 3D Replica Of A Sculpture?.
3D print is just like any other form of art where there is glory in every piece produced.
Copyright Infringement is a hot topic in the 3D Print industry.
However, when you are marketing a replica of your own sculpture or of a public sculpture with permission, .

Tom and Tracy Hazzard have found that […] Read more           3D Printed Art Still Art

Or Is It Design?.
Art & Design or Art vs.
Design – mix in technology like 3D Printing and lines blur into an even more controversial definition.
Do the lines between art and design blur to the point that 3D Printed Art actually becomes 3D Print Design.
If Andy Warhol is not considered less of an artist because he […] Read more           Is 3D Printed Art Only Plastic?.
Is 3D printed art made of plastic only.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer this question for 3D Print Art week.
They debunk some of the misconceptions that 3D Print Art is all plastic.
In fact, you can use other mediums such as metals, ceramics, and even exotics.
— Listen to the podcast here: Is […] Read more           Is There A Market For 3D Printed Art?.
Kicking off 3D Print Art Week, Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss the booming 3D Printed Art market and some of the excellent work they have already seen out there.
They share ways to get more recognition for the value of art that is 3D Printing.
They also talk about how you should value your […] Read more           Where Can I Get Expert Help?.
Getting expert help for your advanced 3D printing related questions is challenging.
Where should you look.
Who should you ask.
The thing with 3D printers is that there are various experts you should relate to in terms of software and hardware.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard offer their advice as to how to solve your […] Read more           Teaching Generation Z To Become Generation 3DP With John Bolka of i3D.
With China putting 400,000 printers in elementary schools in 2016, Tom and Tracy Hazzard started looking for experts in teaching kids 3D Printing and found that they had to go north to Canada to talk with John Bolka of i3D Creatives and the #i3D Podcast.
John talks about why kids have more passion for […] Read more           What Careers Are There In 3D Printing?.
During graduations and college hunting, trying to decide what the hot careers are going to be in the near future and picking your major smartly is a must.
Careers in 3D printing are out in the open and ready to welcome the creatives.
Today, Tom and Tracy Hazzard entice you to the complex but […] Read more           Photoshop Skills The Same As 3D Printing Modeling Skills?.
Can graphic skills translate to 3D printing modeling skills.
Maybe or maybe not.
Hear about Tom and Tracy Hazzard share their experience with 3D printing design software.
They also talk about the overall design process to determine if you have what it takes to design for 3D Printing.
— Listen to the podcast here: […] Read more           3D Printing Design Education Today = Jobs of the Future.
With graduation season comes scary thoughts of career paths and jobs.
It has become very apparent that 3D Printing is going to be the next job boom and filling those skilled jobs will be a big challenge.
Where are all these potential employees going to get their 3D Printing Design Education.
As if the US […] Read more           Should I Buy Support And Training Packages?.
You just spent thousands of dollars on a 3D Printer, and they want you to pay more for Support and Training Packages.
Should you.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard discuss their results of having done with and without the added support for their 3D Printers.
They will give you a heads up whether you really […] Read more           Good Filaments Make Good Prints With Jack Warren Of Toner Plastics.
Good filaments, good prints, plus a good printer all add up to a happy you.
Successful 3D Printing results owe, in large part, to good input – good design, solid code, and good materials.
High quality filament can alleviate the most common problems of failed prints.
Today, Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk with Jack Warren, […] Read more           Where Can I Find Material Property Info.
Material Safety Data Sheets and possible OSHA regulations for 3D printing business remove the liability that always surrounds anything new, making sure you have all the information you need on the chemical composition of your materials and supplies.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk about your 3D material’s property info and its importance to your […] Read more           Is 3D Printing Only For Little Plastic Things?.
Little plastic thing.
We hear this all the time.
3D Printing is more than plastic, but let’s also take a moment to remind ourselves how much of what we buy every day made by traditional technology revolves around plastic things as well.
Today, Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer the common questions – “Is 3D […] Read more           Where Is The Good Quality Filament?.
What makes a good quality filament.
How do you know if you have good filament or not.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard kick off their materials week with these common questions.
After testing dozens of PLA filament brands, they have a pretty good idea of what qualifies as good filament.
They talk about the aspects […] Read more           Having Soft Support Material Issue?.
Questioning soft support material like PVA and flexible filaments is a good idea before you experience major jams and clogs in your printer.
Today, Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer the question – “If PVA is too soft for my machine, what do I do?” They developed a part and some techniques that help deal […] Read more           3D Print Success Is A Matter Of Control With Lars Brubaker Of MatterHackers.
Who doesn’t want more control over their 3D Prints.
Your 3D print success might just depend on having tools and slicing software that allows you to grow from beginner to expert with the “minimum set to be successful.” Hear about how to exert control throughout the design to print process from Lars Brubaker, CEO of MatterHackers–developers […] Read more           How Do You Communicate With The Printer?.
How do you control and communicate with your 3D printer.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard answer another 3D printing question, and this time, it is all about interacting with your printer to get your print on the way.
Among the common ones you can rely on are the WIFI and USB ports.
While discussing this, […] Read more           Mobile 3D Printing Amazon Trucks – Accidents Waiting to Happen.
Now we are vocal proponents of 3D Printing and want to see the technology adopted and used as widely as possible, but when we learned that Amazon had filed a patent for Mobile 3D Printing on their delivery trucks, we knew from experience that mobile working of any kind is navigating a very bumpy road.
[…] Read more           Unsticking Parts From The Build Plate.
After doing such a great job of getting our parts to stick to the build plate, we sometimes end up making it difficult to remove the part without damaging it.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard share their tips for unsticking build plate parts.
They share the tools that they use to remove […] Read more           Sticking Parts To The Build Plate.
Getting your parts stuck to the build plate is the basis for all good prints.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard share some tips for getting your parts stuck and discuss some tools used, such as the blue tape.
They also dive deeper into breaking down the layers of the build plate, discuss the functions of […] Read more           Best Mother’s Day 3D Print Gift Ideas.
Struggling for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift.
Thinking of 3D Printing one.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard point you in the right direction to find some good downloadable files to 3D Print.
Plus, Tracy (mother of three girls) gives her take on what would impress a mom.
She shares some ideas that you can 3D […] Read more           Size Matters In 3D Printing With Todd Ronan Of re:3D.
Does size really matter when it comes to 3D Printing.
Depending on your what, 3D print size might mean everything to you and your business.
Hear about the different industries and businesses where 3D print size is critical from Tom and Tracy Hazzard’s special guest, Todd Ronan.
He is the Strategic Global Sales Consultant for re:3D, […] Read more           Does 3D Print Size Matter?.
Should you buy the printer with the biggest build volume.
Sometimes bigger is not always better, especially if it is your first printer.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard share their thoughts on the matter of size and the factors that greatly affect your print quality.
They tackle on what bigger prototypes can do and their […] Read more           3D Print Gifts for Moms – Any Good Designs?.
See our picks for the best last minute 3D Print Gifts to download and print for Mom.
Stumped for a Mother’s Day gift this year.
We’ve taken care some of the hunting required to find good 3D Print Gifts for you.
Keep in mind that all of our recommendations are download-to-print 3D Print Gifts because […] Read more           Where Do I Find Good 3D Models?.
Finding good 3D models to print can be daunting especially when every printer manufacturer starts a user site.
Thankfully, Tom and Tracy Hazzard are sorting through some of their best bets for you.
Looking into Thingiverse, Yeggi, Cults3D, and NetFabb, they also share some tips for how to tell the good quality models from […] Read more           Is Cheap Filament Worth It?.
Is cheap filament worth the savings.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk about some of the factors to consider when picking a source and price point for your filament.
Sharing their tips on how to select the most practical filaments for your 3D print needs, they also point to some of their favorite PLA filament […] Read more           Where’s The Color?.
It is not easy to go beyond the basics with filaments, but every day, new sources and colors are popping up.
On today’s Ask Us Anything, Tom and Tracy Hazzard address a question on getting custom colored filaments.
Based on experience, they talk about the availability of colors and how filament makers are providing […] Read more           Makerspaces – Shop Class | Social Club | Incubator With Allen McAfee Of FabLabSD.
Makerspaces are emerging in communities all over the world.
They are becoming the new shop class, teaching skills locally like STEAM education to kids and new technology skills to executives and retirees alike.
Makerspaces are also becoming a social club for those interested in 3D printing.
Some, like FabLabSD in San Diego, California, have […] Read more           How Do I Get Crisp Fonts And Letterings.
3D printing is a complex process.
Producing designs and even crisp fonts and letterings are as intricate as the printing itself.
Getting font letters and numbers to show clearly takes manual adjustments in the 3D Print design process.
In today’s Ask Us Anything, Tom and Tracy Hazzard address a question on how to get […] Read more           Pricing 3D Print Design Services to Stay in Business.
Afraid of burdening the consumer by charging for your actual hours or costs when pricing 3D Print design services.
We come across this all the time from designers, consultants and freelancers in all areas, not just in 3D Print design.
Design value is already hard enough to quantify but mixed with new technology and a […] Read more           Help.
My Extruder Is Clogged!.
A clogged printer is a common problem in 3D printing.
In this episode, Tom and Tracy Hazzard share how they troubleshoot their Smart Extruder, along with the reasons why it does clog up.
Different PLAs work differently and have varied characteristics such as temperature range.
Using the right filament intended for the MakerBot lessens […] Read more           Having Smart Extruder Issues.
Smart Extruder and 5th Generation MakerBot, without doubt, work hand in hand to produce quality 3D prints.
However, it has been in hot water because of some critical issues.
In today’s Ask Us Anything, hosts Tom and Tracy Hazzard tackle the smart extruder issues with the MakerBot.
They share their year-long journey with the […] Read more           What’s Your Favorite Filament?.
On today’s Ask Us Anything, Tom and Tracy Hazzard share their insights on their preferred filament for their MakerBot, addressing a question from Helene in Montreal.
Explaining why they consider PLA or Polylactic Acid as their ideal 3D printer filament, they also share the pros of using it.
Listen to this episode for more […] Read more           Undervaluing Design Time & Fabrication Hours.
Giving a little girl a new 3D Printed pink and purple prosthetic arm has to be one of the most admirable uses of a 3D Printer.
However, undervaluing design time by charging $50 raises a lot of questions about design, engineering, and printing time.
Except for such worthwhile charitable ventures, can you really charge […] Read more           What’s The 3DP Learning Curve Length?.
Just like learning any skill or familiarizing any machine, learning about 3D printing takes time and patience.
How long was your 3D printing learning curve.
Today’s Ask Us Anything question came from Chris in Encino.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard share their views as both the boss/spouse and maker/design.
Your mastery of 3D print depends […] Read more           3D Printing Skills – Are You Ready to Print?.
3D Printing has become accessible to home hobbyists, pro-sumers and design professionals like us, but are your 3D Printing Skills ready.
The design learning curve is very steep so you need to have a lot of time on your hands and be prepared to experiment.
Maybe it’s time for a little design skills building… Read more           What’s In Our 3D Print Studio?.
What type of equipment do you use.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard talk about the type of equipment they use to print their desired designs in answer to this question from John of San Diego, California.
Naming Rhinoceros as their preferred design software, they also discuss some other popular tools and apps such as Solidworks, […] Read more           All About the What of FFF 3D Printing.
What is FFF 3D printing all about.
Welcoming you to the very first episode of the WTFFF.
Podcast are the husband and wife duo, Tom and Tracy Hazzard.
Today, learn the reason why building skills in FFF 3D Printing is a smart business strategy.
Being product design consultants, Tom and Tracy aim to keep […] Read more           Do You Bag Filament For Humidity?.
“How much does humidity affect the filament?” This is a question asked by Anthony from New Orleans.
Tom and Tracy Hazzard take on the relationship between filament and humidity, tackling how filaments are transported and how they are kept.
They both agree that the weather or the environment of the area you are storing […] Read more           FFF Vs SLA 3D Printing.
Is it better to use an FFF or an SLA 3D printer.
In this Ask Us Anything Segment, Tom and Tracy Hazzard take a closer look at fused filament fabrication and stereolithography, talking about which project suits best when done on each of the medium and which produces the quality desired depending on the […] Read more                           ·  ·  ·  ·.



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