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ICEE Maker Game also has in-game purchases

ICEE  Maker  Game.
Posted on September 9, 2014 by  App Apes Reviews    • 1 Comment.
Graphics - 3.5/10  3.5/10.
Gameplay - 1/10  1/10.
Replay Value - 1/10  1/10.
1.8/10                                                                         1.0  (2  votes)                                                                               Review.

ICEE Maker Game is as much of a blatant advertisement as you can get

and also a tease.
After all, .

What’s the best part about making an ICEE

That’s right, consuming it after you’ve assembled just the right mix of Banana, Blue Raspberry, Orange Cream, and Coke.

ICEE is a treat intended for your mouth

first and foremost, not just your eyes.
Obviously, the steps of feeling the frozen beverage in your hands, and tasting the cool flavors are excluded from this app, making the game perhaps  the greatest  tease in the App Apes archives.
The graphics range from cartoonish to hyper-realistic, and leave a bad taste in the mouth.
The  ingredients  clash, so while the graphics are not altogether terrible, when everything is together it is terrible.
Besides simply being one large  advertisement , ICEE Maker Game also has in-game purchases.
We at App Apes usually advocate one or the other, at most, and this app is certainly no exception, in fact it can easily serve as an example of what not to do.
On top of this, the  activities  become tedious fast.
In fact.

If we wanted to clean the ICEE machine

we’d prefer to get a job where an ICEE machine is present, and clean it for real.
At least that way we’d be  making money , not losing it with in-game purchases.
In conclusion.

ICEE Maker Game is best kept on ice and never thawed in order to play it

unless a trip to get an ICEE is in your near future and you simply want to whet you palate.
Whets the Palette.
Free to Play.
Tedious Gameplay.
One Big  Advertisement .
App  Description .
When the  thermometer  rises, bring it back down with a refreshing, chilling, ICEE.
Think you’re craving this legendary drink now.
Just wait until you build the ultimate, irresistible combination of flavors in this cool app.

Your taste buds will force you to the nearest ICEE machine

To get this ICEE started, choose which cup and lid you want.
Seems like a simple task, but when you see all the choices, one drink will never be enough because even the cups are just that cute.
Next, is the REALLY fun part.

Choose from 20 different ICEE flavors you can mix to your heart’s content

Fill your cup with your favorite flavor.

Or combine a rainbow of colors to become an official “ICEE mixologist!” Now

it’s time to clean the machine so it’s ready for the next ICEE.
Don’t worry; it’s much easier than real life cleaning- Phew.
Make that machine sparkle like new so you can put the finishing touches on your cool creation.
If you want to decorate your cup, now is the time.

Choose cool ICEE bear decals and other fun ICEE stickers to personalize your cup

And who could forget the straw.
Dig in and decide on one of many swirly, curly, twirly straws.
You can even add colored stripes and straw logos to your straw.
Now that your drink is just the way you like it, slurp it down and enjoy it to the last drop, share it on Facebook, email it to a friend, or save it in the freezer to enjoy later.
Maybe you are up for an ICEE challenge.

See how many ICEEs you can drink in 30 seconds

but be careful… if you drink too fast, you will get a brain freeze.
That will slow down your progress, so pace yourself.
After all, ICEEs were made to be perfect, not painful.
Gameplay Video.
Download ICEE Maker Game.
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