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Our ProLinc™­ Forensic Traceability Technology

Driving Excellence for Today’s Automotive Manufacturers

When it comes to automotive  manufacturing , a single faulty component can be the difference between life and death.
Integral to driver safety is a manufacturer’s ability to track and verify the integrity of all components at  every stage  in the supply chain.
At Ashton Potter, we enable automotive and parts  manufacturing  facilities to identify, authenticate, and trace every product—all the way down to the individual component—in order to protect customers and drivers on the road.

Identify Product & Component Compromises

By applying individualized, serialized identities to every component, product, and batch, we enable automotive  manufacture rs to isolate compromised batches and resolve issues—both in real time and retroactively.

Protect Quality & Manage Recalls

Faulty vehicles can have deadly  consequences .
We empower  manufacturer s to protect their customers by confidently validating the integrity of every product and component they use.
In the unlikely event of a recall, highly detailed records can be accessed for rapid product recall  management .

Uphold Vetting & Testing Requirements

We empower manufacturers to satisfy government regulations for ongoing testing and monitoring throughout vehicle production, and store forensic records in a secure, .

Blockchain-enabled database.   Mitigate Risk & Liability

By enabling automotive and parts manufacturers to identify and isolate compromises in real time, from pre-production to  manufacturing , distribution, and the car dealer’s lot, we mitigate the risk of substandard parts making their way onto the road.
30.7 million vehicles were recalled in 2017 alone.
Forbes                 Forensic Product Recalls: A  Comprehensive  Approach to Rapid Recall Resolution.

Read Now            A Universal Solution for Quality Control in Vehicle Manufacturing

At Ashton Potter, we pair dynamic forensic traceability technology with the most advanced techniques in high security printing and white glove  integration  to trace and secure every automotive part, at every point in its lifecycle.
Our ProLinc™­ Forensic Traceability Technology.
An advanced SaaS solution.

ProLinc creates a digital genealogy for every part

storing a complete, tamper-proof record in its Blockchain-enabled database.
Through advanced product traceability and security features, ProLinc empowers today’s automotive manufacturers to prevent compromises at every point in the manufacturing and distribution process, then isolate and eliminate issues before they negatively impact drivers.
Our Product Security Printing.
Our security printing services augment and extend the capabilities of ProLinc by affixing serialized, tamper-proof elements on every automotive part for individualized insight.
Applying more than 90 years of experience in high security printing, we work with manufacturers to identify the right techniques to secure and track parts from production through end of life.

Our Gold Integration Partnerships
Through partnerships with our network of Gold Integration Partners

we enable automotive manufacturers to rapidly implement and seamlessly integrate our forensic traceability solution into their factory environments, augmenting and extending their existing ERP, MES, and factory systems to accelerate time to ROI.

Driving Quality: Upholding Product & Subcomponent Integrity in the Automotive Industry
Download             Making Quality Standard Practice

High-Security Solutions for High-Velocity Applications.



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