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2020 2 Nioh 2 Review: Practically Perfect

Game  Reviews .
Game  Reviews .

The Fextra Opinion   Wasteland 3 Review: Baldur’s Gate Meets X-Com
Get ready to journey across Colorado with the aid of your rangers and the Kodiak

We talk  about  gameplay, combat, RPG elements and more in.
August 26, 2020     0.

Will Mortal Shell scratch that souls-like itch

We talk about everything, shells, combat, .

Story and more in this Mortal Shell review
Ghost of Tsushima Review: A Stylish Samurai Tale

Does this samurai action- adventure  live up in terms of gameplay, combat, visuals, story and more.
Find out in this Ghost of  Tsushima review .

0     The Last of Us 2: An Honest Review
The Last of Us 2 Review: An Honest Review of Naughty Dog’s latest title

How is the story.
Is the game worth it.
How is.
June 20, 2020     11      The Elder Scrolls  Online – Greymoor Chapter & Update 26 Review.
We go over what new additions have been added to the game and what we thought ESO’s 4th expansion Greymoor – Dark Heart of Skyrim.
June 9, .

2020     0     ESO All DLC Review: Is ESO Plus Worth it
What Each Elder Scrolls Online DLC Adds – Sets

Skills, Classes and more!.
Is ESO PLUS worth it.
Find out about each and every DLC including sets, crafting, skills and more in our  Elder Scroll s Online DLCs Review.
May 9, .

2020     0     Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review: 30 Going On 13
FF7 Remake Review: Full the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review including story

setting, customization, combat not being turn-based, and more in our FFVII review    April 6, 2020     2     Nioh 2 Review: Practically Perfect.
Is Nioh 2 better than Nioh.
Is Nioh 2 worth full price.
Should you buy it now or wait.
What is new in Nioh 2.
March 10, 2020     2     POE 2 Console Review: Pillars of Eternity 2  Ultimate Edition  for consoles is two games in one.
Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire  Ultimate Edition  recently released on PS4 and Xbox One, but how does it stack up on console.
Find out in.
January 29, 2020     0     Game Review s.

7.6   Phoenix Point Review: High Potential

Low Budget.
Phoenix Point has finally launched.
What do we think of it.
Check out our thoughts on this XCOM style strategy game.
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