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21Aug CRA Sponsors Nuclear  Institute ’s annual Young Generation Network (YGN) London and South East (LSE) branch speaking competition.

On Thursday 30 July CRA sponsored

co-organised and provided two judges for the Nuclear Institute’s (NI) annual Young Generation Network (YGN) London and South East (LSE) branch speaking competition.

This an event has been supported annually by CRA for over half a decade

The competition itself, which this year was run in a webinar format, provides a platform for young people under 37 years of age to research a topic close to their heart and practice their public speaking and  presentation  skills.
As well a first prize of £300, the YGN initiative provides the perfect opportunity for young  professionals  to showcase their talents and interests to a wide range of industry professionals.
The competition this year comprised five excellent ten minute talks on varied topics ranging from: Thorium fuelled reactors and use of synthetic viewing  technology  in hazardous environments, to experiments on the novel use of fungus to reduce radioactive waste.
Following each talk, a five minute Question and Answer (Q&A) session provided a further  opportunity  for the speakers to expand on the topic to the judges and online audience.
CRA  consultant  Marinos Panayiotou was one of the judges on the night and remarked afterwards: “I was really impressed at the quality of the presentations and how they were delivered.
Each contestant not only showed excellent knowledge in their specific areas but also provoked thought on how to improve for the future.”Hugh Stephenson.

CRA Operations Manager and Chair of the NI LSE Branch said:  “As in previous years

the standard of synopses and presentations on the night was very high.  All five young speakers provided varied and interesting presentations and questions were responded to competently and confidently.  Congratulations to all three who made the podium, in particular the winner, Jeni Liley from EDF Energy, who also won the regional competition in 2019.  I am very much looking forward to the national final!”The YGN speaking competition final will be held via webinar on 10 September.  For further information and to register head to the site here: https://www.nuclearinst.com/Events-list/YGN-National-Speaking-Competition-Final-/74570   Back to all news     Archives.
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