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so this won’t affect your rate.   At the Children’s ISA

When looking at your child’s future, putting money aside to help them get the best start is a simple, smart move.
Begin saving with any amount big or small; any financial contribution can go a long way towards a child’s future, we’re sure you will agree.
The Children’s ISA can be an important part of your savings journey when planning for your child’s future, opening them up to a whole new world of possibilities, with increased financial stability.     As you may be aware Stocks and Shares ISAs are based on longer term investment objectives.
For some, investing can be a daunting idea due to the increase and decrease of the investment value.
That is why at The Children’s ISA we offer a range of risk managed investments for you to choose from.
We’ll help you find the best and most viable option for you, and of course, we’re aware that everyone’s financial health is different, we’re here to make it work for you.We’ll help you select the most appropriate option, be it a Lower Risk (Defensive), Medium Risk (balanced) or Higher Risk (Adventurous).
We’ll guide you through all options, highlighting the positives and negatives for each, with crystal clear clarity and offering our expert opinion along the way.     As it stands now, with current interest rates at such a low level, putting your money in cash accounts will not keep pace with inflation.
For UK residents, .

A longer-term solution is a Junior ISA with The Children’s ISA

Having performed well in recent years, the stock market risk is still there, but equally, so is the return.
A stocks and shares ISA allow a greater long term investment — it’s all about fund performance and risk management.Depending on your financial plan, and the number of children.

You can set up one Stocks and Shares ISA per year

alongside other ISA’s.
Plus you have plenty of time to assess your options as you can open an account at any time of the year, so this won’t affect your rate.      At the Children’s ISA, we work for you, and our goal is to ensure that your money is safe and secure, all with your long term goals in mind.We hope this helps highlight the benefits and terms of a Stocks and Shares ISA, however, if you have any questions regarding this, or would like to know more, please get in touch.
As your money moves, .

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