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A tailored POS solution exclusive to Tracfone dealers

B2B Soft POS is the exclusive POS platform for Tracfone Dealers
Improve efficiency and reduce errors with a full integration into DAP Portal

Incomm & Vidapay                 Knowledge Base                  Selling Tracfone & Other Carriers.
A tailored POS solution exclusive to Tracfone dealers.
Operational and business intelligence you need.
Full integration with DAP.

Incomm and T-CETRA are fully integrated

eliminating double entry.
Product Catalog.
Maintain stability by receiving the latest Product Catalog fed directly into your TracFone Exclusive POS             T-CETRA.

T-CETRA is fully integrated for bill payments and activations

streamlining the process.
Wireless Standard is a seamless portal to Incomm for bill payments and activations            Essential Wireless POS Features.
Wireless Standard POS software offers the best in wireless retail management                           Mobile-friendly Reporting                                       CRM  Increase sales by alerting customers when they have an upgrade available, driving additional traffic into your stores.
Administration Tools                                         Integrated Merchant Services                                       Time and Attendance  Scheduling made easy.
Allow employees to manage their time clocks and allow managers to assign schedules while using Mobile Employee Scheduling.
Manage your most expensive resources better.
Commission Reconciliation  Eliminate manual data entry with automated commission reconciliation.

Superior Support and assistance available

Wireless Standard will ensure you are always up and running                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Wireless Standard is the POS system of choice for Tracfone retailers.
The benefits our system provides leaves our customers satisfied    Since I became a Tracfone dealer and started using Wireless Standard my reps are able to process sales faster and cut back on wait times.
It is truly the fastest solution out there.
Michael - Co-Owner.

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