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Boxed PC and wired EEG amplifier

NeuroCenter® EEG.
State-of-the-art amplifier technology Intuitive user-interface Advanced quantitative EEG analyses   Please visit eeg.services for a NeuroCenter® EEG trial              EEG  Configurations .
Routine EEG.
Choose from various wired amplifiers.
Fast and easy real-time annotations.
Optional  video .
Mobile EEG.
Wireless EEG.

Tablet and portable EEG amplifier

Bluetooth or WiFi.
Boxed PC and wired EEG amplifier.
Optional  video .
Remote  wireless access  to your streaming data.
ICU and OR.
Mobile Cart.
Wired Amplifier.
Optional  video .
Remote  wireless access  to streaming data.
Clinical  Application s.
Traumatic Brain Injury.

Detect seizures in your TBI patients Visualise most severely affected areas       Coma

Real-time classification of common EEG patterns Prognostication assisted with the Cerebral Recovery Index (CRI)        Status  Epilepticus.
Detect seizures fast and reliable Real-time classification of EEG in common categories       Carotid Surgery.
Real-time asymmetry detection with the Brain Symmetry Index (BSI) Real-time spectral content            Features .

ICU Signal Assistant (ISA)  Seizures

Low-voltage t racing s.

Brain Symmetry Index (BSI)  Real-time assessment of interhemispheric asymmetries

Assists you during carotid surgery.
Assists in detection of focal seizures.

Cerebral Recovery Index (CRI)  Assists in prognostication of postanoxic encephalopathies

Based on advanced signal processing algorithms.
Additional Analyses.
Spectral Power.
Spectral Edge.
Spectrogram / CSA.
Alpha/Delta ratio.
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