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Feature Comparison of Javascript Engines

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Breakouts: Comparison of JavaScript Game Engines via Breakout

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013         There are tons of  javascript  engines out there that are partial or full game engines for javascript and html.
Choosing one is quite difficult so Breakouts is there to help you compare with a common game ‘Breakout’ across all your  favorites  and some you might not know.
Feature  Comparison .
Feature Comparison of  Javascript  Engines.
Current  Breakouts .
Crafty play, source, home.
CreateJS play, source, home.
FriGame play, source, home.
Frozen play, source, home.
Impact play, source, home.
Lime play, source, home.
Melon play, source, home.
Phaser play, source, home.
Platypus play, source, home.
Quintus play, source, home.
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