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aggregated and presented with data from BPM

aggregated and presented with data from BPM

admin / September 5, 2020

ControliQ is a powerful cloud-based workforce management application used world-wide by service led organisations to optimize the performance of the most demanding back office service operations.

ControliQ provides a single performance view of all operations resources from individual

robot, team and department aggregating and presenting actionable operations data from existing back office systems.
Manage people and robots together Reduce costs 25%+ Productivity Gains Real-time data view of all operations Measure transformation initiatives No need to replace existing systems ControliQ – Data Insights Provides a single real-time view of all back office operations from individual robot, team to department.
Manual work can be recorded in real-time, aggregated and presented with data from BPM, workflow, ECM, telephony systems and other line-of-business systems.
Establish a comprehensive business-as-usual view of all operations to plan work and capacity consistently across all operations.
Allows team leaders and managers to monitor and manage in real-time to adapt to changes in work volumes.
Trusted operations data makes performance reviews meaningful and increases employee engagement.
Request a demo Solutions ControliQ – Planning Insights The ControliQ Planning Insights module helps team leaders and managers raise productivity through data driven planning and forecasting enabling operations staff across the businesses to work consistently to their full capacity.

By incorporating elements of the Active Operational Management (AOM) methodology

managers can collaborate, plan, control, review forecast work and capacity consistently within a team and across teams of teams.
Team Leaders Download ActiveOpinons Make the most of Robotic Process Automation.
Experience shows that managing RPA capacity has more in common with managing teams of people than managing an IT installation.
By aggregating and presenting accurate and comprehensive operations data ControliQ helps identify which tasks and processes to automate.
ControliQ helps accurately calculate how many robots to deploy then monitor and manage robots as part of a blended workforce reducing both the cost and staff concerns of introducing automation.

Workware works with any RPA vendor robots through standard interfaces

Video People and Bots ControliQ Videos 3 min intro to ControliQ

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