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AllThe Sims FreePlayThe Sims Mobile

admin / September 4, 2020

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Multi Level Building Coming to The Sims Mobile Multi Level Building Coming to The Sims Mobile.
0 The Sims Mobile team have confirmed that the nxt game update will be bringing a highly request feature.
I remember asking about this at EA Play in 2017 when I had the opportunity to interview the producers, so I am super pleased to share that Multi Level building is coming to the game.
Check out the official blog post below!!Official Blog.
In our latest update, .

We’re excited to introduce a staple feature of The Sims franchise – multilevel build mode

To help make sure you can hit the ground running, our game team have put together this FAQ.
Q – What is the new multistory feature all about?A – The Multistory feature is all about giving you more floor levels for you home lots so you can decorate above the ground floor!Q – How do I get access to build a second or third floor to my house?A – Access to build a new floor level is unlocked by completing a floor level permit, found in the ‘Build’ menu.
The permit can be purchased with Simoleons with a wait timer once you reach Level 14 for the second floor level, or Level 25 for the third floor level, .

Or early unlocked with SimCash from Level 4

Note: For Early Unlock of the Second Level it costs 300 SimCash

and 600 SimCash for Early Unlock of the Third Level.
Q – Can I unlock all the floor levels at once?A – You can unlock the third floor level after completing the second floor level permit, the unlocks are per lot.
Q – What can I do if I don’t want to wait for the timer to finish and the multistory feature to be ready?A – You can rush the floor level permit timer by using SimCash.

If you are below the unlock Level you can use SimCash to early purchase the permit

there is no timer and the floor level permit is approved instantly.
Q – Where can I access floor levels once I have a floor level permit?A – There’s a handy shortcut on the main screen, we call it the ‘floor widget’.
It allows you to toggle up and down floors and also to reach the roof level!Q – Can I view floor levels in my home lot without a floor level permit?A – You will need a second or third floor level permit to view the second or third floor levels, however you can still use the floor widget to view the roof level.
Q – How do I move/add items onto a second or third floor in my house?A – Once you have a floor level permit you can place rooms and items on that floor level.
Use the ‘floor widget’ to move items across floors when they are selected.
Note: you can select an item by tapping + holding for a few seconds.
Q – Can I place items on the roof level?A – No.
Currently there are no items that are allowed on the roof level.
Q – Can I move existing rooms up to my new floor levels?A – Yes.
Rooms can be moved between floor levels with the ‘floor widget’.
Go to ‘Rooms’ under ‘Build’ to select and move rooms.
Q – Do rooms cost differently for floor levels?A – No.
Rooms follow the same cost across the home lot.
However, you will gain one free room when you complete a floor level permit.
Q – Does my second or third level need to be structurally sound?A – No, structural integrity is not required so rooms can be floating in mid-air.
We’ve added a new ‘Supports’ category under ‘Build’, that contains support columns if you want to use them and make your build look even more realistic.
Q – Do rooms need support columns if they aren’t supported by another room directly below?A – No.
Rooms can be placed wherever you like within the home lot boundary and within land expansions, placing support columns is totally up to you!Q – Is this feature permanent to the game or only available for a limited time?A – This is a permanent feature.
Q – Can I add multiple levels to any house lot in Briny Heights?A – Yes you can.
Floor level permits must be purchased for each house (per lot).
Q – Where can I find staircases in Build Buy mode and how many styles are available in this update?A – You can find stairs under the ‘Stairs’ category in ‘Build’.
There are three available here from the start of the update, then there is an exclusive staircase in the Sweet Treat Showdown and one exclusive staircase in a Limited Pack, for a total of 5 styles this update.
Q – Are the stairs required to get to the second and third floor?A – No.
Q – Can I place stairs without a second or third floor level permit?A – No.
You will need at least a second floor level permit to place stairs, and a room above for the stairs to connect to.
Q – Can I place staircases outside?A – Yes, but only if they are leading to a room above.
Q – How can I tell if the stairs I want to place are overlapping with rooms and items on the floor above?A – We’ve added room and item guides to help you position the stairs.
Q – I’m having trouble placing stairs, help!A – There are a few rules around placing stairs, firstly; you will need at least a second floor level permit to place stairs, and secondly a room above for the stairs to connect to.
If the stairs are highlighted red then they likely conflicting with either of the following: a wall, land expansion, lot bounds or a Sim/ item is in an action.
Q – Is it possible to place décor and other items underneath the staircases?A – Yes, have fun styling around these spaces with paintings, plants and other decor!Q – Why are items are appearing yellow when I try to place something?A – We’ve added the ability to shelve/store items that are overlapping another item that you are trying to place.
Note: Anything that highlights yellow can be shelved to your inventory.
The red highlight still exists if objects can’t be shelved.

Q – Sims always stand in the way of me placing items >:(A – Fear no more

From this update when placing items over Sims they will be conveniently shooed to the side.
Note: it does not work while a Sim is undertaking an action.
Q – How do I move Sims between floors?A – Tap the floor or items in a room to gets Sims to teleport between floor levels.
Q – Can we create outdoor balconies with this new multistory feature?A –  Outdoor balconies are not currently supported by this feature.
Q – Has the item limit been raised to accommodate for each house to now have more items?A – Yes, the item limit has been increased.
Q – How do I find out more about the multistory feature?A – Join the conversation on The Sims Mobile Twitter page.
Chat to the SimGurus and other passionate players by searching #TheSimsMobile and post your exciting new builds.


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