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Ashly offers a huge array of 70V amps

Ashly offers a huge array of 70V amps

admin / September 5, 2020

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Paging 2019-01-22T02:08:15+00:00 PAGING

Ashly is well-equipped to handle a wide range of paging applications

offering a family of Protėa-powered amps and DSP with features like Mic/Telephone inputs, Priority Ducking for program override, Feedback Suppression, and Auto-Leveler (so paging sources remain at a consistent level).
To round out the paging picture, Ashly offers a huge array of 70V amps, starting at 35W and going all the way to over 2,400W and from single to 8-channel configurations.
And since paging is typically an intermittent operation (more down-time than active time), Ashly’s Power-saving features, such as highly-efficient Class D technology and Auto Sleep Mode, means reducing wasteful power utilization when the system is inactive.
Retail, Warehouse, Factories, Medical Facilities, Sports and Fair-grounds.
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