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First of[…] Read more The new PlayStation 5 is here

First of[…] Read more The new PlayStation 5 is here

admin / September 8, 2020

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How to install Pop!_OS tiling extension on Ubuntu

August 5, 2020 , Pop!_OS is an operating system for STEM and creative professionals who use their computer as a tool to discover and create.
One of the most interesting features of the System76 operating system is the Pop Shell Auto-Tiling, an extension that brings to GNOME the classic feeling of tiling DE like i3 or others.
Pop!_OS uses auto-tiling for the same reason[…] Read more How to scan documents from a command-line interface on Linux.
July 15, 2020 , Scanimage is a command-line interface to control image acquisition devices such as flatbed scanners or cameras.
The device is controlled via command-line options.
After command-line processing, scanimage normally proceeds to acquire an image.
The image data is written to standard output in one of the PNM (portable aNyMaP) formats (PBM for black-and-white images, PGM for grayscale images, .

And PPM for[…] Read more How to disable and remove completely Snaps in Ubuntu Linux

June 17, 2020 ,.

Canonical sometimes listens to its user base

while other times simply it goes straight on its way.
This has happened for the graphic environment of Unity (regret by many!) and the same is happening for several technological implementations in the latest revisions of the Ubuntu Linux operating system.
Snap is a magnificent idea with a still immature realization.
It is[…] Read more Stop asking password when mounting another internal hard drive on Linux.
June 15, 2020.

Whenever I change the operating system or update

we find that in order to access the additional internal hard drives in our machines, we must necessarily type the administrator password.
How boring.
Let’s see how to overcome this annoying procedure and how to stop the operating system from asking password when mounting another internal hard drive on Linux.
First of[…] Read more The new PlayStation 5 is here.
Futuristic design and powerful hardware.
June 12, 2020 Sony.

During the event dedicated to games that will arrive on PlayStation 5

has finally shown the design of the expected console and gameplay from some exclusive amazing games.
At launch, Sony will offer two options: a PlayStation 5 console with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition without a disc drive.

The PS5 gameplay[…] Read more 2 3 … 58 » How Linux Works

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