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How much does it cost to develop a Dating App like Tinder?

How much does it cost to develop a Dating App like Tinder?

admin / September 5, 2020

How much does it cost to develop a Dating App like Tinder?.

Looking for dating app development like Tinder?

With the best dating app Development Company like Artoon Solutions Pvt

Ltd., you can be at ease.
“Finding love is like finding shoes”.
Isn’t it.
Until and unless you feel comfortable with your significant other, it is never a perfect match.
Just like shoes.
No amount to beauty and brains work here.
People these days strive hard to find a perfect match who think alike and comprehend each other.
Well, in this age of technological innovations, even finding love has gone digital.
With the boom of online dating apps, one can easily find a date without the hassle of going out and spending money in cafes or asking your friend to set you up.
Fascinating right?The whooping success of Tinder has flooded the present online dating market with mobile apps alike.
Bumble, Badoo, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn, .

Etc are some of the popular apps after Tinder

If you have made up your mind to build an app like Tinder

then this page is for you.
Let us take you through every bit of information you must know before starting your own mobile dating application.
Success stats of dating apps.
As per reports, by 2031, at least 50% of married couples would have met online.
Currently, 20% of the couples have found their perfect match on a dating website.
Annual revenue grossed from all dating apps are estimated to be around $2 billion.
60% of users use dating apps for finding their soul mates and not for hookups.
With these buzzing numbers, it must be clear to you how dating apps have changed the scenario of online dating which no more a taboo.
It is widely evident that these apps are gaining popularity and productivity at a speed never imagined.
What’s Tinder?.
Launched in 2012, .

Tinder is a location-based app that has around 57 million Global users presently

Tinder has become one of the popular dating apps

It stands out of its other counterparts due to the unique and never-seen-before features like swipe right for a like and swipe left for a dislike.
It also has a feature of gamification which serves to be perfect to break the ice.
10 Million.
Active Daily Users 4.1 Million.

Tinder Plus Subscribers 20 Million

Found Matches Over 1 Million.
Dates Per Week How is Match-making done?.
Based on Location.
By knowing the location of each user, the app will search and connect to the possible matches of their area.
Based on app algorithms.
Possible matches are shown in accordance with the personal data and survey information of the users.
Based on app niche.
Here, users are divided into special groups based on their preferences, interests, sexual orientation, etc.
How do dating apps monetize?.
The estimated cost to develop tinder clone or tinder-like dating applicationNow that you have understood a bit about how to make an app like Tinder, the next question that comes to your mind is the cost involved in creating your dream to a reality.
Certain factors that determine the cost of creating dating app are features, the region you choose for development purpose, project complexity, third-party integration, launching platform that includes iOS, Android or both and skill and experience of your development team.

For estimating the cost to develop a dating app like Tinder

it requires one to understand the functionality of their application.
An estimated cost for developing a Tinder clone app both on iOS and Android along with backend support will be around —–.
For any matters regarding the exact estimated cost or bifurcation of the same, you can contact us directly.
We also develop country or city-specific dating applications.
If you want to build a dating app for UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, etc., then we can also successfully design and develop the same as per your demand.
Paid Subscriptions.
Users can opt for monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription models based on the locked features they want to access.
Monetizing via ad campaigns can be a great way to make money.
Ads should be included in such a way that it doesn’t interrupt your users.
In-app purchases.
To access some of the special features of the app such as custom emojis, smileys, sending GIFs, etc requires the users to pay a fee.
Third-party services.
These apps provide third-party service integration that allows booking of a table in restaurants, movie tickets, taxis, etc.

Basic Features & Cost of a Tinder Clone or Tinder like Dating App

Registered App Users Sign Up/ Sign In Age Restriction Interest Scale Create/Edit Profile Page Chat for connected users Notifications for Likes/ Message Location Settings while travelling Profile Pic Flagging/ Report Users Discovery Settings for your visibility View Profile Image, bio of other users Expression of Interest (Swipe Right/ Left) Number of chat connections of your match Users Display Settings based on Gender & Geofence USD 18000-22000 (Android + iOS + Backend) approx Admin Panel Sign In Security Admin Dashboard Discovery Setting Analytics Reporting Dashboard analytics Profile Management Manage Privacy Policy Custom Matching Algorithm Manage Users/ User controls Manage Terms and Conditions Set up Filters for images to be used Push Notifications and Requests Management USD 4000-5000 approx Additional Features for Tinder Clone Dating App.
Registered App Users Video Chat In-app analytics Offline availability Social Media Sharing App rating/ Review Alert Prompt Boost/ Superpowers/Charms feature subscription based Admin Panel Font/ Theme Settings In-app purchase Settings Show list of Likes/ Dislikes Chat/ Group Chat Settings Offer/Deals on in app purchases Integration with Social Media Platforms Unique features for better match suggestions.

Image Recognition based Dating App development

We can integrate the image recognition technology in your dating application.
It can identify the images posted by each user, look for similar images and create a match.
AI/ ML based dating app development.
By incorporating AI or ML, your application can recognize the user’s swipe behavior and create a match suggestion based on personal characteristics like origin, ethnicity, color, height, etc.

Panel of experts for developing a Tinder-like dating app

Online daters around the world are experiencing a whole new level of dating through these apps.
If you have decided to start your own dating app, then creating one that stands out from its counterparts is really important.
Worry not.
As we are here to help you in all its aspects.
Choosing attractive features, creating an impressive UI/UX design and giving your customers a rich yet unique experience, there are lots that needs to be done.1 UX Designer.
1-2 Android App Developers.
1-2 iOS App Developers.
1 Backend developer.
1 Quality Analyst.
1 Business Analyst.
1 Project Manager.

By partnering with Artoon Solutions Pvt

Ltd., you stay rest assured.
With our years of industry experiences and vast knowledge, our developers will build an application that will help you leverage your dating app by bringing productivity and efficiency.
Technology Stack We use to develop.
Artoon Solutions Pvt.
Ltd-Your perfect mobile app development partner.
Know why?.
Are you in search of a dating app Development Company.
Are you dreaming to outstrip the current front runners.
Then swipe right and make the best choice by choosing Artoon Solutions Pvt.
Here’s why:Wizards in mobile dating app development both in iOS and Android platform.
In-depth knowledge and experience in creating dating app.
Product consultation and advice for ways to monetize your app.
Coding as per App Store & Google Play Guidelines.
Free deployment.
Best ever testing strategies.
Affordable cost.
Complete transparency.
24/7 backend support.
♫ Love is all you need…♪.
Gone are the days when soul mates were searched over the newspaper classifieds or through matrimonial sites or agents.
Also, the concept of dating has moved from meeting your significant other in the parks, cafes or shopping malls.
In the hustle-bustle of our lives, finding a match has never been this easy with these dating apps.
People love this new idea of swiping and tapping to find their lovers.
Now that online dating is no longer considered as a taboo, several entrepreneurs are encouraged to start a dating application of their own and become a part of this new change.
Enough of us doing the talk.
It’s time to hear your ideas now.
Collaborate with us and start playing cupid How long will it take to build an mobile app like Tinder.
It may take anywhere between 10-12 weeks depending upon the specifications and requirements.
What would be the costs involved in running a dating application?It would involve annual rent for server usage, API subscription charges and payment gateway subscription charges if any.
How do dating apps monetize?Advertisements, gifts, cards and other in-app purchases and through paid subscriptions you can make money using your app.
Will my application be launched in App store as well as Google play store?Yes of course.
Do you provide after-sales maintenance?Yes, we provide annual maintenance contract services.
What will be the technology stack used for real-time chatting in my application?We can use C++ socket programming or Ejabbered based XMPP Server Integration.
In the case of budget constraints, you can also opt for third-party SDKs such as We Chat or Quickbox.
Email [email protected] Location 301 Diamond World, Mini bazar, Near Station, Surat Quick Link.
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