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Leave a comment Music bop

admin / September 11, 2020

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April 29, 2019 Leave a comment I’m very happy to share my latest track created with the help of my music composition app — Bop.
Please have a listen.
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Temor My latest project: Bop

April 29, 2019 Leave a comment My latest project is a music application application called “Bop”.
Currently, .

It’s a Unity app that connects to Logic Pro X via MIDI

Bop can be used by songwriters to discover new musical ideas and/or enhance existing ones

Basically, it can help you think outside the box .
The functionality is very limited now.
You can currently manually create note sequences, place them on a timeline and fill them with random notes from the current musical key.
Even with these limited features, it’s still possible to create some very interesting musical parts.
Eventually, I plan to expand the app to be able to produce complete musical works with multiple coherent parts.
I’ll post updates as a progress.
Here’s an example of a track I composed with Bop: https://soundcloud.com/danr-p/temor Leave a comment Development, Uncategorized computer generated music, computer music, , music application , music composition, music software Post to.

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