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Stock Prompter: When shopping online

Stock Prompter: When shopping online

admin / September 8, 2020

Digital Channel.
Digital Channel More Clicks than Bricks.
ab-initio’s real time management of stock across all of the retailers store channels enables them to put stock where it really counts in the hands of the customer.
This capability allows customers to choose products, order online and select the store they wish to collect their items in.
This function is all done in real-time, enabling stores to meet the demands of their customers instantly.
Click and collect can be deployed as part of ab-initio POS or as a single point solution that works to meet the demands of the retail customers effectively.
Find out more about click & collect Search for store stock: The search for store stock function enables customers to search for stock in the store nearest to them.
If the product they are seeking is not available in the requested store, ab-initio suggests an alternative store for the customer.
Customer Accounts: Customer accounts are integrated within this capability as ab-initio recognises customer names and loyalty points.
This information is automatically updated in real-time, within moments of any purchase, enabling customers to have a full view of their transaction history including receipts and number of loyalty points.
Automatic Prompters: Staff members are prompted when a click and collect order has been submitted, requesting them to print a ticket with the order details, source the product, and accept or reject the order from the customer.

SMS/E-mail: Once a click and collect order is accepted in the store

the customers are sent a confirmation SMS or e-mail containing their order progress.

Pick Sheet: ab-initio provides an instore pick sheet for staff

listing all of the click & collect orders.
Order anywhere.

Return in store: Customers can order their desired products online

and choose to pick them up in the store of their choice.

Collect and pay on mobile in store: Customers can pay online when ordering their products

or they can pay when they arrive to the store to collect their products.
ab-initio provides retailers with the ability to process digital receipts and e-wallet payments to enhance the customer’s checkout process.
By encouraging electronic receipts, you are promoting digital technology advances in retail while also promoting your green credentials.
Find out more about Digital Receipts Mobile Payment: ab-initio’s mobile payment capabilities streamline the checkout process by delivering a faster and reliable checkout experience for customers.
This will provide greater customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchasing.
Digital Receipt: ab-initio enables retailers to deliver digital receipts to the customers e-mail or web account.
Marketing: Digital receipts help deliver targeted marketing strategies to the customers while promoting green credentials.
ab-initio can integrate with an e-commerce website enabling retailers to have one centralised platform in real-time, managing stock, pricing and customers across a multi-channel environment.
This one single system avoids customer dissatisfaction with web orders in areas such as stock and pricing.
Customer service can be greatly improved when using ab-initio as the retailer’s demands are incorporated with their customer’s needs.
Find out more about E-Commerce Real-Time: Ab-initio provides a real-time view of stock and price across the entire estate, updating it every second so that the correct information is displayed for customers online.
Rich Product Information: Each product is accompanied with a detailed product description which can be inputted directly from third party suppliers containing necessary product information such as ingredients and allergen information.
ab-initio supports high resolution images and 3D views for customer facing media.
Stock Prompter: When shopping online, customers are advised by ab-initio of the stock quantity for their desired product.
These stock levels are color coded, with red meaning ‘out of stock’ and green meaning ‘in stock’.
This indicates to the customer whether or not the retailer can meet their order demand.
Substitutions: In the case of ‘out of stock’, ab-initio can offer the customer substitutions suggesting products that are similar or have been historically used to replace the out-of-stock product.
Customer specific pricing: ab-initio can place specific prices on customers that are defined under customer categories.
These prices are configurable in real-time online.

Quick Order: Users can import any external spreadsheet orders to the site

by-passing the e-commerce store and then, pay for this order online.
Scanner: ab-initio provides a scanning process for small retailers wishing to purchase bulk items from the larger retailer (i.e.
cash and carry).
The large retailer is using ab-initio’s e-commerce capability and has provided their customer, the small retailer, with a usb scanning gadget.
This gadget enables customers to scan items from their own store recording the barcodes and storing these onto a web order.
The collections of barcodes are transformed to a complete order online and the customer can submit, and pay for their order via their supplier’s site.
Integrated Payment Processing: ab-initio supports an integrated transaction processing across all channels.
MPOS can be seen as a cheaper and more valuable alternative to ‘Self-Checkout’ for retailers.

There is no operator or vendor needed for this type of Digital Integration

and hardware costs are minimal.
Because of this, retailer costs are lowered, which in turn enables a higher return on investment along with many other benefits.
The mobile shopping experience is easy, intuitive, and enables consumers to become digital savvy during their shopping experience.
Find out more about Mobile Shopper Self-scan basket building on customer smartphones via Mobile App – As customers visit the store, they can seamlessly use their smartphones to build baskets by scanning barcodes on their desired products before bagging.

Intuitive and user-friendly application – When using the store application

customers can access their transaction history, custom shopping lists and rich product information throughout their purchase journey.
The shopping application is usable both in-store and at home, and goods can be delivered or collected from the store.
Mobile payment – The checkout process can be completed on the customer’s phone using mobile payment methods, anywhere on the shop floor.
Staff members can spend more time guaranteeing first-class customer service which enables a more positive customer experience.
This avoids long queues in store, especially during peak shopping times.
Security – The entire mobile shopper experience is encrypted to ensure customers feel safe and transactions are secure.
Full Visibility – Head Office have access to a centralised view of all mobile shopping experiences that are taking place or that have been left open.
Incomplete shopping journeys help identify potential theft.

Customer behaviour and insights – Retailers can track customer’s mobile shopping journeys

identify the types of products that customers pair together and the types of lists they are creating.

Promotions – Launch In-app notifications of special store promotions

This enables an environment of loyalty and repeat purchasing.
Our Software.

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